Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 lbs a month...

I haven't written about my on going diet attempts recently.

I'd love to say that everything is going amazingly well - but that would be a lie.
I lost about 10 pounds when this journey started and I have successfully kept it off!
I'll occasionally gain a pound or two, then loose it - but I haven't broken past that original 10 pound mark.

Some things I have done well - My month of no fast food really paid off!
I don't crave that junk any more and when I do eat it out of convenience, I pay for it!
My body doesn't appreciate consuming fake food anymore!

I've gone back and forth on sodas, BUT it's easy for me to drop them when I'm off-again in my on-again/off-again love affair with caffeine.

Without necessarily counting calories, I have gotten much better at learning to control portion sizes and recognizing good choices over bad choices. I have learned general calorie counts for things I eat often, and learned to avoid or reduce some of my snacking that packs on the pounds!

Over Thanksgiving we booked our 2nd Honeymoon - we're going to Hawaii in October!!
This was a wedding gift from John's grandparents, so we've known for a while that we're going and generally when we're going - I'm so excited to actually have it on the books!

 Even though it's December, I have this trip (& swimsuits) on the brain, so of course I'm fretting about the diet! As I was freaking out about this to John - he reminded me that I roughly need to loose 5 pounds per month between now and then.

When you break it down like that, it seems like nothing!
I'm so happy that my goals are in reach and I can get back on track!
{I even bought salads for lunches this week - if you know my hatred for veggies, you understand how big of a step this is for me!!}

 don't be sorry

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  1. So proud of you best friend, and excited for your trip to Hawaii!!


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