Friday, December 28, 2012

Adding Buttons

This post may be redundant or useless for some,
BUT for others like me - this was a huge issue of confusion!
{I seriously felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I learned this!}

So many tutorials on how to add buttons to your side bar are done in an older version of Blogger,
or assume you know how to navigate to certain pages...
I had tried everything with no success - but the Bestie knew and I'm sharing her knowledge.

Hint: You can leave the "Title" blank if you're just listing buttons to link ups you participate in
Or - if you're wanting to put sponsor buttons or daily reading lists on your sidebar, this is the way to identify what buttons these are.

 **Another Helpful hint: If you need to add more than one button, just follow the same steps, using the same gadget, hit "enter" and paste in your second buttons HTML code. They will line up one after the other!**

I hope this helps you!
If you are confused about anything in Blogger, I am by no means an expert but please do not hesitate to ask!
{I always felt strange asking people questions when I started out}

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  1. Great tutorial!!! Next thing I know your not gonna need me anymore... ha!


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