Sunday, December 9, 2012

JCP Buttons!

All Christmas season I've been hearing about these buttons that JCP is giving away.
To be honest, I thought they were this cheesy little button that just adds to the junk in your house...

Boy was I wrong!

A co-worker had heard about the promotion on Ellen, so she took her kiddos and ran by our local JCP. Out of the 4 she had tried she won $20 in gift certificates!

So yesterday when we were out gift shopping (and I had to get another pair of jeans and JCP just happens to be my favorite place to get jeans!), both J and I got 2 buttons.
Our buttons had codes for $30 in gift certificates!!

2 buttons per person, per day
You can only redeem 2 buttons per day per email address
No purchase necessary, just ask for them at the register!

If you're out today - stop by! The promotion runs through Christmas Eve!!


  1. Now how cool is that!! I need to find a JCP!! :)

  2. We just got three this weekend. I was going to trash them, but I guess I should look into them first. Thanks for the heads up and for stopping by.


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