Monday, December 10, 2012

{5 for Five} Could have been a better week!


Last week my goals were:
  1. Send out Choir Letter & order Choir Christmas Costumes
  2. Purchase & send out Christmas Cards
  3. Clean out my Bloglovin'
  4. Clean off my desk at home
  5. Wrap Christmas gifts

    For as crazy as life is right now, I did okay-ish.

    I got everything for #1 completed - which is great because it was the only one that was mandatory. Everything else really needed to happen, but they weren't do or die.
 I managed to purchase our Christmas cards - I really like them!!
I even sent out a few! I still need to finish that asap!

I also cleaned some of my bloglovin' out. It could still use some attention.

As far as cleaning off my desk and wrapping Christmas gifts...
Well, they kind of go hand in hand. My desk is covered in Christmas gifts and wrapping supplies.
I wrapped a few, but I have many to go!!

This Week my 5 goals for 5 days:
  1. Send out Christmas Cards!! {today if at all possible}
  2. Mail off 2 packages {that are very over due...}
  3. Finish wrapping Christmas Gifts {aka, clean off my desk}
  4. Sew/Glue/Tie  (whatever it takes) the streamers for the Christmas Production for the childrens Choir
  5. Order Spring Catalogs for Thirty-One & The add-on Kit for Spring!

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