Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Recap & New! {5 for Five}

We had a great weekend!
Even better - it was a productive weekend!!

Friday Night:
- Denton Holiday Lights Festival
- Delivered a Thirty-One Order
- Christmas Shopping

- Cleaned House (it sooo needed it, and still needs some more!)
-Ran errands & got the car washed (again, really needed it!)
- Met friends for Dinner

- Then went to the Mavs/Pistons game!

Our usual day of church, church activities
Plus a fabulous and fun grocery run to Wally World (bleh)
and of course, Christmas Shopping!

I stumbled on a link up this morning that I'm so excited about!
Hello, my name is Rebekah and I'm an extreme list maker.
I live & die by my lists - if it doesn't get written down, chances are it won't happen 
{or at least not in a timely manner} 

 My Five Goals for the Week:
1. Children's Choir - I'm combining two essential tasks into one.
I must order their costumes for the Christmas Production!!
I also need to type out the letter to their parents with essential dates and times, get it proofed and have it ready to distribute Wednesday night!

2. Christmas Cards
I bought extra cards that I really liked last year when Christmas selections were being clearanced out.
Only problem is, now I can't find them - anywhere!
I looked high and low last night.
So now I need to go buy cards, address them, mail them!
All of which needs to be done this week!

3. Clean out my Bloglovin'
I follow blogs using Bloglovin' - it isn't perfect, but it's the best solution I've found for organizing and tracking all of my daily reads. Here of late, I've gotten a little carried away with the blogs I follow. There may have been a single post I enjoyed - so I decided to follow.
That's all well and good, but if I'm clicking "mark as read" more than I'm actually reading the posts,
I need to stop following and clean up my list a little more!

4. Clean off Desk!
Last Thursday we pulled my desk out of storage where it has sat since we pulled it out of family storage...where it sat for the last 10 years. {notice a trend...}
Anywho, I just really needed a spot for my projects to go rather than piling up all over the house.
Only problem is, now my desk is covered in projects!
Most of them are simple small tasks, but they all need to be done none-the-less!

5. Wrap Christmas Gifts!
We've gotten the majority of our Christmas shopping finished!
Now, I've just got to get them wrapped, and a few of them mailed off.
Then the new problem will be figuring out where to set the presents until Christmas...
I'm afraid to put them under the tree, that just seems like such an easy target for a cat or dog to mark on. It isn't usually an issue, but I sure don't want it to happen on gifts!

Come and link up your 5 for Five!!     

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