Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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My Top Reasons to Shop Just Between Friends Fort Worth for your Kiddos! 
1. Kids grow fast! 
Between clothes and gear that they need for such short periods of time you can save so much!
... babies use their gear like bouncers and swings for what? 4 months tops! They can go through a size of clothing in about 3 months. I can't even imagine purchasing new clothes at full retail after every growth spurt! 

2. You Get Great Deals without the crazy run-around!
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... My kiddos can have double (or triple!) the wardrobe for the same price I'd be spending for the basics at full retail!! I can dress my girls in higher end brands I'd never be purchasing at retail prices!
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4. Be Green & Save Green! 
... I love that while saving money my family is going "green" by purchasing fewer new products.
... by not hopping between stores and garage sales I'm saving gas! 
5. You Save Time!
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Ada May - Week 1

At One Week Old:
Looking at the two girls together makes me appreciate the stage they are both in and realize how quickly things are going to change. It seems like yesterday that Cora was this small and now she is so grown up and I know that I will blink and Cora will be starting school and Ada will be as big as Cora! I am so blessed and thank God for the gift of these beautiful girls! 

- Ada is really strong! She can break out of just about every swaddle I put her in but she doesn't sleep long periods of time without being swaddled. (The Perinatologist noted that she had really defined thigh muscles at 20-something weeks from the sono, that was quite accurate! She has really strong little legs!)
- Has great head control for a newborn, she's already trying to look around and will bang her head against my chest when I'm wearing her because she thinks she can hold it up. 
- She has lots of hiccups! She had hiccups about once a day in utero and seems to be following that trend now!
- I noticed very early on that Ada is a little cross-eyed. We've talked to our pediatrician about it, it's very common. It's a muscular issue and if it hasn't taken care of it'self by 4 months we will refer out to an optomotrist. Honestly it's already better than it was as she is opening her eyes and having longer periods of alertness, so hopefully it will clear up on it's own!
- She also has what appears to be a slightly herneated belly button. It's really minor and Pedi says that a lot of times they also clear up on their own. If it isn't by school age we'll look into getting it repaired. 

Squeekers (for the little noises she makes), Turtle (for the way she cranes her neck when rooting to nurse), Ada May.

She is clearly smaller than Cora. She is in Newborn clothes and probably will be longer than Cora was. We are actually considering purchasing more NB size. It's been fun putting her in things that Cora wore and remembering how small she was (but never this small...).

Newborn size disposables. When she's a little bigger we'll start using cloth with her but I don't own newborn sized cloth diapers.

Nursing isn't going fantastic... she just isn't latching well. I gave it one week then tried introducing shields which worked wonders for Cora. This time however, it just made the pain worse! Things are getting better but we still have some challenges to work through.

She will sleep one 3 hour stretch at night and a good 3 hour stretch in the middle of the day (usually from about noon to 3). Right now I dream feed her about midnight and then put her in the bassinet and we go to sleep. She wakes up between 1 and 2 usually, will have a quick nursing session and go back down (but won't stay asleep more than 10 minutes or so if in her bassinet) until 5 or 6 in the morning, nurse again and then again at 7 am.

She does not like her bassinet at all! I can't get her to sleep in it more than about an hour at a time. Her co-sleeper turned out to be a great purchase on a whim at last seasons consignment sales!

Our little Socialite
Miss Ada May's first week has been a busy one!

Thursday morning when she was just hours old we loaded up and went to my Dad's house. We didn't get to do an herbal bath at the birth center due to some complications after she came and I really wanted a bath (didn't feel up to standing in the shower) so we went to his house to use the bathtub (we don't have one). (I'll post about the birth story and associated complications soon)

Friday at 2 days old I had to follow up with the Midwives but life was super crazy because apparently all the babies decided they wanted to come so we also needed to get Ada's PKU through the hospital because the Midwives were so busy catching babies they couldn't see us. So we got our poor babies heel pricked and I saw a Nurse Practitioner after my appointment was rescheduled twice to make sure I was doing better from those complications.

Saturday my family gathered at my Dad's house to meet Miss Ada. This included my Great Aunt who she is named after!

Sunday we loaded up and went to see John's Mom & Step-Dad for them to meet Ada.

Monday we took Ada back to the Birth Center for her checkup that couldn't be done on Friday and that evening Sarah, our Doula, came for our postpartum visit. On the same scales she was weighed on at birth she was recorded at 7 lbs and 11 ounces (down from 8 lbs 1 oz).

Tuesday we took Ada to the Pediatrician for their version of the newborn check. They recorded her at being 7 lbs 13 ounces.

Wednesday we left Cora with my Dad while John & I took Ada to get  newborn pictures. John and I agree that we were more relaxed during the session than we had been since Ada arrived. I hadn't ever been to a photo shoot quite like that before, it was very calming!

By the time Thursday rolled around (1 week, 1 day) and John returned to work, it was the first day that we were just at home!

- She loves her swing. It is the only place I can get her to sleep other than my arms! Hates her bouncer on both the bounce and vibrate feature.

- Ada is quite the Momma's girl. She will cuddle and sleep with John some, but I think she likes being close to her food source!
-  I'm betting she is going to be a thumb sucker! She likes to suckle her hands.

Being gassy. Poor kid is pretty gassy. I'm probably going to have to start an elimination diet to figure out what is causing this. Cora was gassy too and I never figured out what was causing it, she just eventually outgrew it.

What's new?
Well, everything... but new during this first week is burping. For the first couple of days she wouldn't burp with her feedings. In fact she was really pretty ticked off when I'd try to burp her. We checked with our Doula and some babies don't need to burp in the early days because they're not really taking in much air. If I had bothered to read the discharge information that the Birth Center had given me in the first couple of days I would have found this same helpful info! Well now she is requiring a burping but is difficult about it. John is far more successful burping her than I am (which is opposite of how it was with Cora!) and he manages it by supporting her back and head and bouncing her off his belly. Sounds strange but works!

Mommy & Postpartum This postpartum compared to Cora has been much easier! There have been some unique challenges since we now have two babies but physically it's been a walk in the park in comparison. Part of this I believe is that I knew better what to expect, but there is no doubt that I'm also significantly less sore than last time.

Big Sister
Cora is doing really well with the transition to being a big sister! We were worried about how this would go and have been expecting some regression but have no idea where that regression might take shape. So far there hasn't been one! If she wants our attention (or even if she's across the room independently playing but wants us to look?) she has taken to screeching. Like banshee screech! I'm not sure how to teach her not to do this, so I calmly explain that we use our inside voices and tap her mouth - hopefully this will take care of itself.
She really seems to understand that "sissy" was in my belly and now is here. The night she came, when we picked Cora up at my Dad's house she pointed and said "sis". She has stopped giving my belly kisses (as she would do unprompted several times a day before) or lifting my shirt to pat my belly. The first night she had a crying fit, but honestly it was more of an "I'm overly exhausted" fit 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ada Mayme

Miss Ada Mayme made her apperance on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 10:41 pm.
(4 days past her due date) 

We have been spending the last 10 days adjusting to life as a family of 4! 

John returned to work this past Thursday and it has been a whole new adjustment to life with both girls at home with me alone.

Life is really busy right now, but hopefully I will get the opportunity to write out her birth story and about her first week of life, but for now some pictures!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Baby #2 {37 Weeks}


How far along?:
37 weeks 5 days

My baby is the size of a:
While we were cleaning last weekend she re-discovered the bassinet

All-in-all I don't feel awful for 37 weeks pregnant!
My pelvis is quite loose, in fact at the chiropractor today she said that my pelvis is clearly ready for delivery so from her standpoint it could be as early as this week(end). I was really loose for about 2 weeks if I remember correctly last time so I'm not putting all my hope in that, but it's good to know that things are lining up nicely! The down side to my loose pelvis is that rolling over in bed or laying on either side is very hard and can get to be painful which is complicating the little bit of sleep I'm getting between my hourly treks to the bathroom during the night!

I had 2-3 hours of contractions Wednesday that were very real ("real" in that Braxton Hicks are usually described as painless - just something that you're aware of, these were not painless or easy to deal with) but they never lined up into anything resembling a pattern and of course petered out into nothing so unfortunately it looks like I may have some prodromal labor like I did last time. Since then I've just experienced "normal" contractions for being 37 weeks preggo with coming and going sporadically but nothing worth timing or noting how many fell within a particular hour.

Between contractions on Wed - Cora just didn't understand why she couldn't touch my belly!
I attempted distracting her with Little Einsteins.
On Thursday at my Midwife appointment I gave in & let her check me. I saw my chiro first and when she mentioned how loose my pelvis was I was getting my hopes up that I was further along than I thought I am.
{Birthy Rant:}  I *know* that cervical checks are not an indicator for when you will begin labor, but what it does tell me is how long after labor begins I have to get myself to the birth center. If I'm a 3 or a 4 at my last check and I go through 2 or 3 hours of contractions at home, I'll likely show up at a 7 or 8 when I get to the birth center. It also tells me how far I can travel from home. Those first 4 cm aren't pleasant to labor through, but they're far easier than 4-10! So if I'm an hour from home, it takes me an hour to determine that I'm actually in labor so now I've got 2 hours of contractions under my belt before I'm home and one of those hours is in the car... well that could make for a seriously unpleasant car ride! {End Rant}
Anyway, really more for my recollection when I'm referring back in a future pregnancy - I was 1 cm, ripe but posterior. Translation, not very advanced. I would have theoretically been fine to go a little ways from home this weekend for the 4th of July but (since I'm actually finishing up this post at the beginning of the 38th week, a little bit of a 38 week update...) I'm far more easily fatigued than I was Thursday. Last week I could tell a huge difference from say 2 and 3 weeks ago, I just couldn't do what I could do then (duh.). The difference in 1-2 days is huge right now! I can't walk a mile without feeling like I need a nap afterwards. Even with naps, I'm just drained & exhausted from normal daily stuff. I'm glad I played it safe and decided to make plans to just stay home on the 4th because it's all we would have done anyway! 

Could be better...

Weight Gain:
I have not gained or lost any since last week so according to my Midwife that puts me at an overall increase of 8 lbs for the pregnancy.
My friend Kim wins the favorite award right now for always commenting on how small I look every time she sees me. It's nice to hear considering I feel like a walking blimp at times!

Maternity Clothes:
I got a few more nursing camis because I could never seem to have enough the first 3 or 4 months postpartum & I wore one every single day so having enough clean was a trick. They're helping my shirts meet the gap to my pants & I've selected the 3 t-shirts that are decently long and they are being rotated through a bunch right now!

She's moving very well! I realized the other day that I get really nervous (plus it's uncomfortable) when she runs her feet under my ribs. I'm really currently betting that Ada will have a super mellow personality; Cora loved displacing ribs about this point in pregnancy, Ada just kind of likes to stick her feet there. We'll see though, because if I go all the way to my due date it could simply be a matter of lack of room!

We're going for nightly walks and part of my plans for the weekend include walking, walking and more walking!

Food is a general aversion of mine. Fruit, smoothies, juice, and tomato mozzarella salads are about all that's appealing to me right now. Even desserts don't sound all that great. It's nice right now but I remember how quickly my appetite woke up after Cora was born & it was hard to reign in how much I ate without having HCG running through my system to counteract it!

I'm looking Forward to: 
Going into labor!
We're having a family get-together tomorrow for the 4th of July. Everyone was kind enough to come to us because I was a little weary of driving an hour + not just because I'd be away from our birth center and midwife but I also want to avoid going into labor tired like I would be from a day being out of the house all day.
(With Cora labor started almost exactly at midnight after we had been awake since about 8 am in the morning {about 16 hours awake at that point} and she wasn't born until almost noon the next day {roughly 28 hours awake}. I was exhausted! Then with everything going on I didn't go to sleep until 1 or 2 am the night/morning after she was born {42 hours awake}! I'd like to avoid this situation being repeated!)
Me & my big belly at the family gathering! 37+6 weeks pregnant!
 I miss:
Productive sleep. A regular pattern to our lives, right now everything is a giant waiting game.

I'm a little anxious about how Cora will handle being a Big Sister. We keep discussing what developmental regression she will have but can't pinpoint something we suspect will happen. I'm not particularly anxious about delivery any more, I'm just ready for it to get here!

Goals for the upcoming week:
Last week was really productive! We still have things that need to be done but nothing is pressing or urgent. I had a friend recently asking if there was anything she could do to help or watch Cora so I could get some stuff done and honestly I couldn't think of a single thing for her to help with! Really about the only thing we need to do this next week is to mow the "yard" which is about 2.5 acres (the rest is left to grow to bail into hay) and weed-eat. I can't help with this at all but I believe my brother Robert and Uncle are going to come out and help John with this task tomorrow after church!
OLD LIST: Tidy House ~ Finish putting new elastic in cloth diapers (worked on it some this week, can only do it while Cora is sleeping because she tries to help too much) ~ talk to birth center re. estimated payment ~ Get Cora's pool aired up & a temp fence installed around it (worked on it, but filling this sucker with a hand pump is proving to be a chore!)~ Pre-registration forms for hospital (just in case of transfer emergency or not)Make Essential oil bug spray ~ Finish packing birth center and  back up hospital bags ~ Wash van & vacuum ~ Re-install Ada's carseat ~ Swap out some of Cora's toysMove everything from one shipping container to the other ~ Clean Master Bathroom out & organize ~ Repair Shower drip ~ Finish up Thank you cards & mail ~ Update Ada's baby book with gifts ~ Plan out Freezer meals/crock pot meals for postpartum ~ pack new diaper bag for 2 kids (almost finished).Finish Cora's baby book & put all her keepsakes in a box to store away ~ Make a couple of freezer meals so I have my postpartum meal for birth center ready ~ Finish Ada's name art ~ Order final couple of Essential Oils I need for birth/postpartum ~ Finish Birth Affirmations/Bible Verses ~ Make a Birth Playlist ~ Finalize birth plan with Doula ~ Meet with birth photographer ~ Start removing bad trim on front of house ~ Mow yard~ Clear out Ada's Crib (it's full of her stuff/baby gear, I just need to find real homes for the stuff - almost finished!). ~ Buy curtains for master bedroom & bathroom ~ make my rice sock for labor ~ Get master bedroom "guest ready" ~ Child proof the kitchen cabinets and drawers
NEW LIST:  mow yard & weed-eat (no small task...)

Belly Pictures:
This is actually a 38+0 picture on the 4th - Eating Watermelon (only one slice so I wouldn't have an allergic reaction!) with a baby the size of a "watermelon" inside. Dumb comparison generally but I thought it was fun for this!

Past Pregnancy:
37 Weeks with Cora

Friday, June 26, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 {36 weeks}

My baby is the size of a:
Baby. Perhaps a small baby, but a baby none-the-less.
Her length estimate based on all the fun apps etc suggest that she could be about 19 to 22 inches. Cora was 20 inches so it could be that Ada has grown as much as she is going to length wise (my ribs would appreciate it if this is the case...)

I'm beginning to feel the signs of her "dropping" which mostly consist of additional round ligament pain as the weight puts more pressure on them, the delightful "lightning crotch" (doesn't that term just make you want to be pregnant?!?) and trouble getting up from sitting on anything other than my big exercise ball.
Heartburn is here but could be worse (I've been reading my 38 and 39 week bumpdates (my personal fav horror story from pregnancy) from pregnancy with Cora to remind myself that it could all be worse - and unfortunately may be worse yet...)
Pelvic pain is an issue. It's kind of always an issue for me, even when not pregnant. I'm going weekly to the chiropractor and had considered going mid week because I'm usually *really* ready to see her come my appointment. Today at my Doula prenatal my Doula showed John how to help me do the Side Lying Release (a Spinning Babies Technique that promotes pelvic alignment & balance). I've read about it before but now that I've experienced it first hand I can say it works! My pelvis felt so much better after that technique and it won't replace the chiro but will certainly get me from week to week! If baby is posterior (back to back with me) it will also help her get into position and for her head to engage - I've been suspecting based on movement that she is occasionally posterior and I'd really like to not struggle with back labor so anything we can do to promote prime positioning I'm all for!
I'm having some contractions (likely Braxton Hicks). If I wanted to I could probably time them but I have no other signs of labor and the contractions aren't hard enough that I can't breathe or talk through them so I'm doing my best to ignore them. So far, no sign that I'll experience Prodromal Labor again (and let's pray that is the case!)!

I'm up at least twice a night for the bathroom. I'm a little anxious about labor/birth and that has been dominating my thoughts so when I wake myself up attempting to roll over I tend to think of that and it is hard to fall asleep again. I've put birth affirmations next to my bed where I can read them so hopefully that will help my anxiety about labor.

Weight Gain:
According to my midwife I'm up 8 lbs overall for pregnancy! That's not bad and I'm not complaining. That is down 2 pounds from my 34 week prenatal appointment. 

Maternity Clothes:

Oh yes. and almost none of my shirts are long enough to reach my pants without either my belly showing or the band of my maternity pants showing. I'm pretty much past the point of caring about this too. 

She's passing her kick counts. I'm more aware of some of her stretches or jabs than I am kicks/hits. I suspect a few things: that she is just a lot more mellow than Cora was, I'm more accustomed to the movements so I don't notice them as much. The biggest suspicion I have is that although in both pregnancies I have had an anterior placenta (on the front of my uterus so between me and baby), I think it's lying differently this time than last time blocking me from feeling all of the movements. At my last appointment, my Midwife was holding the doppler for heartbeat and we could hear that she was kicking/hitting but I only felt it once or twice. When Cora would do that I would definitely feel the kicks. Then when she went to measure my belly for my fundal height (making sure baby is measuring okay in size) she had trouble getting a measurement because she wouldn't sit still. John and Kathy were commenting on all her movements because they could see her moving as I laid on the exam table but I could feel none of it. 

We walk almost nightly, usually 1 mile and briskly up our hills working to get Ada's head to engage in my pelvis. Tonight we did 2 miles and I hope to make that the norm again. 

John, Pepper (the dog) and Cora on our walk this evening. Cora gave up on the stroller about half way through mile 2. If she is going to walk regularly I'll have to make more of an effort for her to be wearing something other than a cloth diaper ;) 

Food is hit or miss for me right now. I'm usually not hungry but sometimes will be really ready to eat come meal time. I'm doing good to get one good meal down a day. Tonight we had spaghetti and I found it horribly revolting for no other reason than there was meat in the sauce. I'm mostly interested in liquids and fruit. 

The other day I had some serious cravings, more than the passing "that sounds good" verses "that's revolting". I texted John I was craving Sushi (california roll so preggo safe!), Chili Cheese Fries and a snow cone. I fully expected him to either tell me to go get it myself or some passing "that's nice" comment. He was very sweet and came home with this surprise for me! My favorite snow cone place was closed on that day so we subbed in a sonic slush and I have to say that was an adequate substitution :) 

I'm looking Forward to:
My Chiro adjustments and Doula Prenatals. They're kind of my weekly highlights at this point.

 I miss:
Rolling over in bed without discomfort.

Best moment this week:
Tuesday was a very productive day, I had a chiro adjustment and my Midwife appointment. John worked from home so he could attend both (and wrangle Cora through them!). Then we made a huge payment on the Birth Center (our FSA card finally decided to arrive!), 
Wednesday, Doula prenatal where I learned to get some actual relief from pelvic pain that I can do myself. We had lunch with Lauren today which was really nice! She and I have been busy and haven't seen each other in a while, I'm realizing that my socialization time will be limited here soon so I need to make use of the time with only one child in tow while I can!
Also my brothers and John have done a lot of work on the house and property the last couple of days and made lots of progress! (If we hadn't had so much darn rain (though we are grateful for our full lakes!) earlier this spring we wouldn't be so far behind on some of these projects and I could actually be of help. Robert asked me to go grab a tool "real quick", about the same time Jacob started walking to the same destination as me for a different task - he went the long way and still beat me to the storage building. Literally, everything takes me about twice as long these days... I'm lacking in the hurry or "real quick" departments. 

I'm nervous about labor/birth. Mostly about the length. No one wants to power through the contractions for hours on end. I think in some ways I'm more anxious than I was with Cora simply because I know exactly what I'm signing on for in labor in terms of feelings/sensations. I also have more time to dwell on it, all the stress from work kept me pretty occupied last time around and filled my stress/worry quota.
 I'm nostalgic about Cora being little and how much she has grown up, especially this last 9 months or so. She's just not a baby anymore! I'm a little anxious about the lack of sleep I'm about to experience with a new baby, nursing again (I find that honestly more demanding than labor/birth) and my biggest point of anxiety is how Cora will receive Ada and how to balance my attention and time between the two of them. 

Some of my birth affirmations.

Goals for the upcoming week:
Make it to 37 weeks pregnant!! As soon as we make it to Saturday I'm officially cleared to deliver at the Birth Center verses the hospital (before 37 weeks there are concerns about lung development).

Here are my goals from the past couple of weeks updated to reflect that I actually do get some stuff finished but the list is ever-growing. Honestly though, I can't think of any reason that we're not "ready" for her if I went into labor tomorrow. I'm always going to have things to do, Ada isn't going to care whether or not I had time to go buy new bedroom curtains and get them hung. ;) (and this moment of clarity is brought to you by a 2nd time mom... 1st time around I would have flipped out about curtains!)

OLD LIST: Tidy House ~ Finish putting new elastic in cloth diapers (worked on it some this week, can only do it while Cora is sleeping because she tries to help too much) ~ talk to birth center re. estimated payment ~ Get Cora's pool aired up & a temp fence installed around it (worked on it, but filling this sucker with a hand pump is proving to be a chore!)~ Pre-registration forms for hospital (just in case of transfer emergency or not) ~ Make Essential oil bug spray ~ Finish packing birth center and  back up hospital bags ~ Wash van & vacuum ~ Re-install Ada's carseat ~ Swap out some of Cora's toys ~ Move everything from one shipping container to the other ~ Clean Master Bathroom out & organize ~ Repair Shower drip ~ Finish up Thank you cards & mail ~ Update Ada's baby book with gifts ~ Plan out Freezer meals for postpartum ~ pack new diaper bag for 2 kids (almost finished). ~ Finish Cora's baby book & put all her keepsakes in a box to store away ~ Make a couple of freezer meals so I have my postpartum meal for birth center ready ~ Finish Ada's name art ~ Order final couple of Essential Oils I need for birth/postpartum ~ Finish Birth Affirmations/Bible Verses ~ Make a Birth Playlist ~ Finalize birth plan with Doula ~ Meet with birth photographer ~ Start removing bad trim on front of house ~ Mow yard~ Clear out Ada's Crib (it's full of her stuff/baby gear, I just need to find real homes for the stuff).
NEW LIST: Buy curtains for master bedroom & bathroom ~ make my rice sock for labor ~ Get master bedroom "guest ready" ~ Child proof the kitchen cabinets and drawers

...at least the list isn't rapidly growing!
In an ideal world it would also have things that I just find unrealistic right now, like finish painting our bedroom, stain the kitchen and master bedroom floor, re-roof the house etc. I just know those things aren't going to get done before Ada and I'm just going to have to have a peace about what we could/couldn't get done before her arrival.

Belly Pictures:

Past Pregnancy:
36 weeks pregnant with Cora

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday - June

I'm linking up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay for ... 

The last Wednesday of each month we answer these questions...

What we're eating this week... it's summer so I try not to cook much in the oven so dinners are really simple. I made a huge batch of chicken and dumplings on Sunday (per John's request for Fathers Day) and I have frozen a large casserole dish worth for my postpartum meal at the birth center (all this pregnancy I've just known I want that to be my first postpartum meal, hope it still sounds good after baby comes!). After we ate on it for dinner Sunday and froze a bunch there was still a lot left so that has been many of our lunches and dinners this week.

What I'm reminiscing about... I'm thinking a lot about my pregnancy and birth with Cora. I've referenced so many of my posts about the end of her pregnancy here of late trying to remember if certain things are normal or not.

What I'm loving... these final days of Cora being an only child.

What I'm dreading... well I wouldn't say I'm dreading it, but I'm getting pretty nervous about labor and birth. I've been focusing a lot recently on my birth affirmations. I've posted them in our bathroom  on the mirror and on the cabinet that sits right next to my bed so I can read them as I lay in bed.

What I'm working on... we've gotten so much work done on the house, both inside and out. There are still plenty of projects to do but honestly for every single one you can walk in our house and say "oh such & such needs to be done" there are at least 10 other projects that also need our attention and some of them may be less obvious but more pressing. I'm a little nervous about the fact that we'll have a bunch of guests soon with Ada's birth. Everyone that will be at our house knows it's a work in progress but of course I want to present it the best I can. So, that's pretty much dominating our "working on" list.

What I'm excited about... meeting our new baby girl! Not being pregnant anymore!

What I'm watching/reading... I'm currently reading Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth and John and I just started watching Game of Thrones (after Cora goes to bed for the night of course!).

What I'm listening to... well nothing quite yet, but one of my to-do tasks for this week is to create my birth playlist so I'm about to be listening to all the music I think will be uplifting and encouraging during labor/birth. I envision my play list having lots of praise and worship songs if you have any recommendations please let me know!

What I'm wearing... I'm wearing maternity clothes that aren't really fitting anymore. I find it so frustrating that so many of my maternity shirts aren't long enough to cover my ever-growing belly but I'm sure not going to be spending anymore money on a maternity wardrobe just to get through the next 1-6 weeks.

What I'm doing this weekend... Lots and lots of housework!
Friday I'm going to a class with our local babywearing group to make a mesh ring sling that can be worn in the pool. I figure it's about the only way Ada will be in the water this summer is if she is worn since she'll be so tiny.
Saturday morning we're going to a hospital a couple of towns over to tour the maternity ward. We are still planning to deliver at the birth center but if I go past the 42 week limit, need to be induced, need a non-emergent transfer (maternal exhaustion etc...) we will transfer to a new hospital as the practice my Midwife is in is changing hospitals. The rest of the day will be spent working on stuff at home.
Sunday we will go to church, a friend's baby shower and then we'll be at home working on the house more. :)

What I'm looking forward to next month... Ada's birth! That pretty much sums up our month of July. We have kept the calendar as clear as we can. I figure we can always make short term commitments if I'm feeling up to them but we've made no long-term commitments or plans.

What else is new... really very little. I'm feeling very pregnant & that about sums up our life right now!

Bonus question: What are we doing this July 4th?... right now we don't have any plans. I'm thinking about going to the parade in town that morning if it isn't horribly hot. It was pretty hot & miserable last year and I wasn't 38 weeks pregnant like I'll be this year (38 week bumpdate from last pregnancy). Beyond that we have no plans (see the question about July plans) and if we do much of anything it will be close to home or involve chlorinated water I can swim in. I'd like to take Cora to see fireworks. Just taking any and every opportunity to soak up the last of our time together as a family of 3 but staying practical that I'll be very pregnant and July 4th is usually very hot.

(July 4 last year - Cora's 1st 4th of July!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 {35 weeks}


How far along?:
35 weeks 4 days

My baby is the size of a:
Large Cantaloupe

Getting up to go to the bathroom several times a night. The other night I got up at 11:00 when John came to bed and noticed that there were people with flashlights in my front yard?!? I'm sure anyone else would have been alarmed, but I knew that it was likely my brothers and sis-in-love working on finishing up the plumbing repair they'd been working on the day before (I was seriously doubting the plumbing fairies had shown up, though that would have been nice!). The next day my brother Robert was asking how I'd known what time they left the night before, I said well I saw y'all at 11 when I came to talk to you. I was up again at midnight for the bathroom, again at 1:00 am and saw the lights both times but then at 2:00 it was dark. So, see - running to the bathroom all the time lets you know when your night-owl siblings finish a plumbing project!

Still swelling some, but not bad. My joints won't pop :( Seems silly but by the end of pregnancy I seriously miss my fingers and toes popping.

Muscle cramps which I'm solving the same way as last time - with calcium supplements. I've been able to take them better this time around but apparently I wasn't taking enough.

Heart burn has raised it's ugly head. I had trouble with this last time too! I can get heart burn from a glass of cool refreshing water. It is ridiculous! I have not yet thrown up from this, so there's something to be grateful for! In fact, though I have been sick in my 3rd trimester, I can't actually recall the last time I threw up - so yay!!

I do have some pelvic pain and pressure but Looking back at my bumpdate from Cora's pregnancy at 34 weeks I specifically remember how horribly miserable I was on our babymoon stay-cation  & I'm no where near that miserable! I think part of that is she hasn't dropped yet (and I've read that sometimes subsequent babies don't drop until labor?!?). I think the weekly chiro care is helping that too. Last pregnancy, work kept me from going weekly so I was usually going bi-weekly and I think that's part of my pain/issue.

Well the frequent trips to the bathroom don't help... but beyond that it's okay I guess. It really helps this time around that I can nap during the day with Cora and here of late she is occasionally taking a morning nap again, so yay for that! I have trouble rolling over in bed and you're not supposed to lay on your back (I do until it's uncomfortable) or on your right side (again, I do until my body says stop) but my hips and pelvis are having issues with much time on either of my sides. I'm missing laying on my belly which is totally out of the question even in the little modified, piled up on a pillow format I used well through my 2nd trimester.

Snow cones! Fruit and smoothies. I don't have much of an appetite right now and am doing good to eat one solid, big meal a day. Food is just pretty unappetizing and doesn't interest me. Fruit and fruit juices I could eat/drink pretty much all the time though! I'm not sure if this is entirely pregnancy related (since baby hasn't dropped she's pressing on my stomach and it takes next to nothing to make me "full") or if it is just that it is summer and it's hot. I'm generally not really hungry in the heat.
Weight Gain:
Eh. I'm assuming it's the same as it was last week. I hope!
I'll know for sure Tuesday at my next Midwife appointment.
She's been a little more still than before but is still passing her kick counts just fine! She's just getting big for the space she's in.

In addition to chasing Cora around... We go on nightly walks of about a mile.

I'm looking forward to:
Tomorrow we're going out as a family for "All About Cora Day" to spend some quality time as a family of 3 before our poor girl's world is turned upside down ;) We're planning to take her to the aquarium and out for ice cream. I'm not sure what else we might do while we're out.

Emotions - 
I'm feeling very nostalgic for the days of Cora being little-bitty and I'm just beginning to be overwhelmed with what life will be like with two babies.

Best moment this week:
I realized today that Saturday I'll be 36 weeks along and at 37 weeks I'll be considered full term and if I go into labor they won't do anything to stop it (and I'll be eligible to deliver at the birth center!). I kind of freaked out about some of the stuff I haven't gotten finished. I know there will be plenty of projects that I wanted finished to still do after Ada comes but I turned my focus to the "essentials" and bought the last of the stuff I need for the birth center and am finishing up my bags for both the birth center and back-up bag for if we end up at the hospital.

While I was at the store I ran into a lady that kept Cora in the nursery at church while I was in Bible Study. Turns out she is going to be my Birth Assistant (basically the nurse) at the Birth Center! I'm so excited that I'll have a familiar face in that role (I think it's awesome that I'll literally have no strangers at the birth!) and I know she is a Christian and that is important to me in those who are helping me with labor/birth! 
Goals for the upcoming week:
From last week's list, I've marked through the few things that actually got done. I can't complain much because they were big projects and that was far more than could get done in a week but I also know we're running out of time for this stuff. I've also added new projects to the bottom of the list.

OLD LIST: Tidy House ~ Finish putting new elastic in cloth diapers ~ talk to birth center re. estimated payment ~ Get Cora's pool aired up & a temp fence installed around it (worked on it, but filling this sucker with a hand pump is proving to be a chore!)~ Pre-registration forms for hospital (just in case of transfer emergency or not) ~ Make Essential oil bug spray ~ Finish packing birth center and  back up hospital bags ~ Wash van & vacuum ~ Re-install Ada's carseat ~ Swap out some of Cora's toys ~ Move everything from one shipping container to the other ~ Clean Master Bathroom out & organize ~ Repair Shower drip ~ Finish up Thank you cards & mail ~ Update Ada's baby book with gifts ~ Plan out Freezer meals for postpartum ~ pack new diaper bag for 2 kids (almost finished).
NEW ITEMS: Finish Cora's baby book & put all her keepsakes in a box to store away ~ Make a couple of freezer meals so I have my postpartum meal for birth center ready ~ Finish Ada's name art ~ Order final couple of Essential Oils I need for birth/postpartum ~ Finish Birth Affirmations/Bible Verses ~ Make a Birth Playlist ~ Finalize birth plan with Doula ~ Meet with birth photographer ~ Start removing bad trim on front of house ~ Mow yard (really more of "John, mow the yard") ~ Clear out Ada's Crib (it's full of her stuff/baby gear, I just need to find real homes for the stuff).

Past Pregnancy:
34 weeks with Cora
36 weeks with Cora