Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It has begun...

Remember the puzzles you would get as a party favor as a child where you had a picture on tiles that was all mixed up with only one square missing to move the pieces. The trick is always deciding which peace to move first. Well, we're playing that game again, just a much bigger version - our entire house!

We "packed up" and moved over the weekend. We decided that it was useless to throw away another months' rent into a house we no longer needed just to make things more comfortable where we were moving. I say we packed up, but there was no time to truly pack. Somethings we threw into a box, but most of it was just thrown into trash bags and slung into the back of my brothers trucks and trailers. To further complicate matters, we needed to tear down a barn to the frame and rebuild it; changing it from a hay/animal barn into a storage barn to give us a place to put all our stuff.

The house is stacked sky high and the name of the game is to set up one room at a time. First is our bedroom. My brother and I got a window unit installed into the room so we can actually stand to sleep out there and tonight I will set up our bed.

First project now that we've gotten the barn rebuilt and the a/c installed - a new doorknob! The next real project you ask? I will be building wooden boxes to create display/storage boxes to paint and put on top of the kitchen cabinets. Wasn't really a planned project, but turns out it will be a necessary project as there isn't enough space for the basic kitchen supplies and utensils much less extra stuff.