Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get FREE 31 Products in April!!

      I am really excited about April coming up! I seriously cannot wait for March to just be over with already! This is such an awesome deal that I am pretty sure I will be buying Christmas presents in April!

     Hosting a party is so easy and the rewards are great! You get FREE and half-off items; Plus you get access to buy our awesome Hostess Exclusive Items at a great discounted price!! If you don't feel comfortable hosting a party in your home we can do it anywhere!
     McDonalds while you let the kids play? Yes!
     Park while the husbands grill and kiddos play? Yes!

      It is so easy! There is the option of a Party on the Go or you can have an Online Catalog Party! Let me know if you would like more info on any of these options!

 And... to sweeten the deal... I am offering another April Incentive for those who would like to host a party!

Get Products for FREE in April!

Book a party during April and get one of the following items for FREE!

~ FREE personalization on one item!
~ a FREE luggage tag!
~ a FREE icon hang tag!

 Bonus Weeks!!
Host your party during one of the following weeks and earn even more FREE products!

~ If you host a catalog party during the last week of March that closes on April 1 (customers get half price purse special!) you get to pick one of the listed items and get a FREE Small Rosette Clip!

~ If you host a party (catalog or in home) during the week of April 2nd through the 8th, you get to pick one of the listed items and can pick between a FREE Small Rosette Clip or a FREE Manicure Nail File!

~ If you host a party (catalog or in home) during the week of April 9th through the 15th, you get to pick one of the listed items and get a FREE Medium Printed Rosette Clip or a FREE Wristlet Key Fob!

Contact me today to book your party!!

Rebekah Lewis
Independent Thirty-One Consultant

**For those who have not already been introduced to my other incentives - Make 5 orders from me and on the 6th get FREE shipping!! ** Refer a friend to either order (outside a party) or host a party with me and you get an extra credit towards FREE shipping!! Just have her tell me your name when she contacts me!!**


Friday, March 2, 2012

Where we are...

An update on the 101 list.

We have scheduled a trip to Houston! #6 will be completed at the beginning of June!

Not positive yet...but we are seriously considering suspending some of the more expensive and extensive house repairs because with our job promotions we believe we will be buying a house about a year from now!! I see this as a HUGE upgrade from repairing a house we don't own! That will change #'s 15, 17, 25, 43, and 89.

Number 68 - to find the 9 puppies a safe and loving home... we are down to 2!!!

Stop biting my nails... I'm doing much better!! A little harder to gauge a relative time frame that I set out for meeting this goal though.

And the one I am most proud of (although being closer to puppy-less is sure nice!) ...

Losing weight and running a 5K... I have been training for 2 weeks now with a friend! I am so excited about the new routine this gives me in the morning. I leave the truck at my Dads house, John drops me off there to run with Sonya who lives across the street. We run (her two kiddos are loving this!), I go by Dads, shower & dress then off to work with a little bit of extra time that I spend working on Thirty-One (Which I am LOVING by the way!!) This week wasn't the most perfect week...but there will be bumps in the road - and what I love most about all of this, is each week is a fresh start!

I leave you with a picture of my newest Thirty-One bag!! I am so excited about this one - it is the double zip cosmetic bag (a hostess exclusive item!) it should be here tomorrow!  Ask me about all the exciting things happening with Thirty-One! I would love to share it with you!!