Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ada Mayme - 3 Months

Ada is healthy as a horse! She had a bit of allergies or maybe a slight cold through weeks 9 and 10 but she's doing great now. Looks like she has psoriasis just like Mommy and Cora, the allergies really made it flare up behind her ears.

Last time we had her at the doctor, she weighed in at about 15 lbs! She was 90% for all her measurements! She is a big girl!!

Thankfully, no actual teething so far, but she's very drooly. I remember Cora having that stage of all the drool too but this seems worse. As soon as I locate Cora's Amber Teething necklace I will put it on Ada to see if that will help some with it.

"Ada-May" seems to be the only consistent one.

Well, she kind of runs the gammot here. She can still fit in a very few of her 0-3 month outfits and a fair bit of her 3 month stuff but shes definitely moving into her 3-6 month clothes. She got to this size a lot quicker than I expected her too and we're probably going to have to do some shopping soon!

I jammed her in size one for as long as I could to finish out the open packages but we have officially moved her into size 2. I'm ready to put her in cloth, and she should officially start fitting into them. I need to spend some dedicated time repairing some of the diapers we have with loose elastic to have plenty of them. Since I'm the one that changes her diapers at Mothers Day Out (where I work) I am probably going to start having her in cloth there to save money and only do disposables for longer outings that I just don't want to deal with cloth.

She's nursing like a champ! Her latch isn't and never is particularly deep but she's clearly just fine & growing great. What isn't so fantastic is that we cannot get her to take a bottle. We've tried 4 different types and I just broke down and bought the highly recommended Medela Calma nipples that are supposed to be "Just like the breast" (and are almost $20/bottle!!!!) and she's rejecting those too. She also refuses pacifiers. :( We're continuing to work with her on the bottles because as of now I can't leave her at all (we tried and epically failed).

She sleeps so well! I'm so grateful! She is very particular about her 8:00 bedtime, is pretty fussy from 6:30 until she goes down for the night. She'll wake and nurse about Midnight (I'm still awake dealing with the house/school work etc) then she'll wake one more time some nights (I'm not sure what time exactly, between 2 & 4 am) but she will occasionally make it from midnight until about 6:30 am!

She's beginning to be awake more during the days, but I don't keep up with her sleeping/wake times exactly.

Fun things we did
Dinner with the whole family when Aunt M and Uncle B were in town visiting. We went to Yesterland Farms in Canton the first weekend in October to spend some family time with her Uncle Jacob and Aunt Stephanie. UNT Homecoming tailgating. Pumpkin patch trip with MDO (that there are no pictures of because she slept through the entire thing in her Ergo carrier). She's also tagged along with Mommy for a girls night at Auntie Lauren's house and for a Murder Mystery Dinner at Ms. Angela's house.

Her swing! It's about to be quite the issue that she has nearly outgrown all the swings! She likes hanging out in her highchair, it gives her head good support and she can see what we're all doing. She does enjoy her bumbo seat but doesn't have enough head strength to last very long. She's started enjoying her pink seahorse rattle and monkey lovey toy. She loves her big Sissy! She smiles and coos at her when Cora "plays" with her. She still loves being swaddled!

The carseat, riding in the car. This is getting a little better. We're about 50/50 on whether or not she'll have an epic meltdown on a trip to "town" for everyday errands. This is a huge improvement but we still have a long ways to go. My right arm muscles are literally stronger than left because I'll reach back and rock her carseat as I drive down the street trying to calm her. We're getting a convertible car seat to see if that will help matters some. Not a big fan of tummy time but she's getting better about that, no signs of rolling over yet.

What's New?
We're moving out of the infant stage and into baby. This is making mommys life a little easier! These 3 months have flown by!

Mommy & Postpartum 
I'm doing pretty well physically. I just went clothes shopping since it seems my weight loss after baby has plateaued. It's so nice to own clothes that fit, even if they aren't the size I'd like them to be.
Emotionally I'm doing pretty well. I'm very tired. She's sleeping well but being in training as a Doula and working to start that business from the ground up is very time consuming. When Ada is a bit older I'm going to have to work out some "office hours" a couple of days a week to do things but right now my "office hours" and study time is from about 10:00 pm until I can't stay awake any longer, usually between Midnight and 2:00 am. That on top of working 2 - 3 days a week, it just seems like I can't keep up.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Under Construction...

... Bear with me as I make some changes. I've been brainstorming and working on adjustments for the better part of a year but beyond taking my old template down, that's all I've accomplished. So, piece by piece I hope to have a new look up and going here soon.

You've probably noticed that I've already changed the name! Living & Learning was really never more than a placeholder. I couldn't think of a name but really wanted to start blogging so I just made-do with the first thing I could think of. Chronicles from the Peanut Gallery is a throw back to my childhood. As a kid my mom would refer to my brothers and I as the "Peanut Gallery". It usually went something like "I don't need to hear from the peanut gallery" or she'd be on the phone with my Dad and we would be chiming in the back ground with our thoughts on whatever we were hearing in the conversation and she'd say "I'm sure you hear the Peanut Gallery".

I still want my blog to follow the same style - kind of whatever strikes my fancy. I really hope that I can carve more time out to spend dedicated to blogging.

Thank you for reading and having patience with me while I get these changes made.