Sunday, October 18, 2015

Under Construction...

... Bear with me as I make some changes. I've been brainstorming and working on adjustments for the better part of a year but beyond taking my old template down, that's all I've accomplished. So, piece by piece I hope to have a new look up and going here soon.

You've probably noticed that I've already changed the name! Living & Learning was really never more than a placeholder. I couldn't think of a name but really wanted to start blogging so I just made-do with the first thing I could think of. Chronicles from the Peanut Gallery is a throw back to my childhood. As a kid my mom would refer to my brothers and I as the "Peanut Gallery". It usually went something like "I don't need to hear from the peanut gallery" or she'd be on the phone with my Dad and we would be chiming in the back ground with our thoughts on whatever we were hearing in the conversation and she'd say "I'm sure you hear the Peanut Gallery".

I still want my blog to follow the same style - kind of whatever strikes my fancy. I really hope that I can carve more time out to spend dedicated to blogging.

Thank you for reading and having patience with me while I get these changes made. 

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