Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's ....

... Monday
... Tuesday
... Wednesday

If you read that with a tone of "blah", then you would be correct.  Much like the majority of Texans (thanks to our crazy weather), I have scummed to an awful cold. Friday I was feeling under the weather, by Sunday I was utterly miserable. Today I'm on the upward climb from this crud!

I've spent the better part of the week playing catch up with all the stuff that has piled up while I've been busy and sick (hence the post that was meant for Monday, delayed for Silence & Support Tuesday finally making it's way to Wednesday)

This weekend was a really busy one! We had our SCC performances that pretty much consumed my life! (post to come)

Friday was our office party! I have to brag on our local Dave & Busters - last minute, our planned party fell apart and I was responsible for figuring out something to do. I honestly didn't expect this party to go well at all - in fact I was really stressed about it. But it went perfectly!!

It was a weekend full of family! Saturday morning we got to see John's family from Houston (yay!) for a bit before they headed off to be with the in-laws! Saturday afternoon my Aunt, Uncle & their kiddos came to SCC! Then, John's parents came in for the second Saturday performance and we had dinner & a mini Christmas afterwards!

Last Weeks Goals

You are all getting to see just how bad I am at finishing tasks!
{To be honest, it isn't usually this bad, but SCC had a lot of prep time and kept me very busy.}

1.Send out Christmas Cards
Mostly finished - I have a few left...
2. Mail of 2 very over due packages
Does it count that I'm doing it today?? Plus one more that came in over the weekend.
3. Wrap Christmas Gifts/ Clear off desk
Didn't happen at all... In fact, I'm taking of Thursday afternoon of this week to tend to the wrapping disaster we've got going.
4. Make Childrens Choir Streamers
 Can I say failed attempt?? They were cute for one performance before the kids picked at the ribbons until they were a frayed mess. They hit the trash by the 3rd performance never to see the 4th or 5th.
5. Order catalogs & Spring add on kit for 31
add on kit ordered (so excited for the new stuff!!) but I haven't ordered catalogs yet.

This week - I need to...
1. Finish last weeks projects (duh.)
2. Do my 2 last minute Christmas DIY gifts
3. Finish my silver ornament wreath
4. Buy Santa Bags
5. Replace the edible parts of John's stocking stuffers that he ate...

Oh & to conclude - I wanted to share the beautiful gift I got from Lindsay at Follow the Ruels from a giveaway!

This beautiful lunch box came with a giftcard to Starbucks, a cute pair of Christmas socks (that are on my feet right now), and some delicious candy!
Thank you Lindsay!!

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