Thursday, December 20, 2012

10 things you should know about my best friend!

I've mentioned my bestie, Lauren, a time *ahem* or two ;) 
I personally think she's pretty neat - and the best part, you can get to know her too!
Here are some things you should know about her!
(and hop on over there and learn 10 things about me!)
  1. Don't call her before 10 am on a Saturday... for anything - ever! Lauren is less than a friendly morning person! But quite a delight once fully awake!
  2. She looks like a totally different person when her hair is straight as opposed to her gorgeous curly hair!
  3. She is a wonderfully talented artist! She makes beautiful unique pieces of jewelry! I love the pieces she has made for me!

  4. I am envious of her ability to say "no". She is very rarely over-committed or stressed out because she has a great outlook on life and priorities.
  5. She literally radiates Christs love for us! She is the perfect example of a Godly woman and I am so proud to call her my best friend!
  6. Lauren has a passion and a love for France. She has been three times!
  7. Though I proudly claim to be her best friend, the truth is - her best friend is her mom! (I'm okay with coming in second to Norma! She's pretty cool!!)
  8. Sanger is in her blood through and through.  Her family is our little towns heritage, literally - her ancestors were the first to live here! I wouldn't be surprised if when we're old and grey, she is still farming her family's land! 
  9. She has great fashion sense! If I manage to wear something trendy, chances are she had something to do with it!
  10. I couldn't pick between these two for the final thing... so:
    10a. She has a pretty nifty new car! In my book - that's big news!!
    10b. Lauren is a proud Delta Gamma! She has taught me a new appreciation for anchors!
Did I mention she was my Maid of Honor?
Now that you know these fun facts, you should check out her blog here.
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  1. this is so sweet!!! i love my bestie too. and it's so nice to look at the things you love about them!

  2. Love this! Love you! And can't wait to see you tonight!!!


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