Saturday, December 29, 2012

What's in a Name, Fourth... Fifth.

I don't know about other couples, but John and I always discuss names we like/dislike for our future children. {When we talk about our future children, I fondly refer to them as our "imaginary kids"}

One of the issues that keeps creeping up, is the name of our first born son.
My darling hubby is John B. Lewis IV
So naturally, we're pretty much locked into our son being named John B. Lewis V

I don't mind so much the name - but what I do mind is all the nicknames.
{none of this is meant to be offensive if you - or a loved one goes by one of these names, they're just not for me : ) }

My name is Rebekah - my family called me Bekah growing up. My mother despised the name Becky for me. She just didn't think it fit my personality (nor do I), and she refused for me to be called by "a name that is not yours" (as she so aptly put it).  She was also pretty particular about people spelling my name correctly. It was an uphill battle for her when I was young, I can't count the number of times I heard her correct someone for calling me Becky.  I so, do not want to have these battles but it looks like I'm going to get to!

Oh where to begin: All of John's friends seem to think that our first born son will go by "Cinco" - yup, Spanish for Numero 5. I'm not even pregnant and hormonal or a Momma Bear and that ticks me off!
{mind you, his friends don't mind stepping on toes - they tend to do what suits them}

Growing up: John's father was "Big John" and my husband was "Little John". I'm sorry, but no. I don't want to refer to my {imaginary} child with a size disclaimer. It just urks me.

Then we get into the really sticky stuff - I want a clear distinction between John - my husband, and John, my child. I like the name variation "Johnny", but I am pretty certain it will just naturally be shortened and we're back to the issue of two Johns.
So, my solution - we intend for our son to be called by his middle name (seems pretty reasonable to me!) - Benjamin. If it naturally gets shortened to Ben, then okay!
Not Benjie as was quickly suggested (UGH!)

When this came up with family recently we got a lot of flack. I knew it was coming, but if I'm going to have the battle, why not sooner than later?
Even after this little tiff - I'm sure it will still be an on-going issue.
I don't understand why it can't just be left to us, the parents {of that imaginary child}.

All of our other {imaginary} children will have their names kept secret for this very reason.

Do you have a generational or heritage name in your family?
Did you have this same battle?

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