Saturday, December 22, 2012

renting vs. buying

 Secrets to renting a home

This is the current topic in our household right now and I'm curious what your take on it is.

When John and I left our last house for this one we swore we would never rent again.
We'd been burned by our landlord - in retrospect we would have seen the signs that we were signing an awful lease with awful businessmen but alas, we were young and naive.

Today we find ourselves in a financially comfortable house, but it's a temporary solution at best.

The facts: we've got to move. John is driving 115 miles to & from work each day. He is very sweet about it but I don't want that much of his time to be sucked into a commute in Dallas traffic each day. Fact, we have 2 dogs and a cat that need space to roam (not a ton, but a big back yards worth). Fact, we're still working on becoming debt free, so we want to make financially smart decisions.

My parents have only ever owned their homes.
I've never truly seen the world of renting beyond a temporary solution.
I'm having to move beyond the idea of it being a stop-gap and considering it as an option.

Right now we're leaning heavily towards renting a house in the spring between our two jobs.
We're excited about the possibilities of being closer than 30 minutes from the restaurants we like.
Closer than half an hour from the movies!
We're also thinking about starting a family, so in roughly 6 years we will have a child that will start kindergarten. I refuse to put my children in the ISDs we would be living in.

Should we even consider buying a house that we wouldn't live in for more than 5 or 6 years?

What did you do when you were first starting out as a young married couple?
Rent or buy - what swayed you?

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  1. We have been renting for the last 2 years. We should be saving to put down 20% for a house this summer. I think 5-6 years would be a great time frame. Plus, your money would be going toward something as opposed to going down the drain when you are renting. Just my thoughts...


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