Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas

We had a great & relaxing Christmas!
At the last minute we decided we were over the whole wrapping gifts concept - so we started a new tradition. Santa bags! It's the best solution for our immediate family considering I'm the only female amongst 5 men! (The collage above) I scrambled around and made letters to identify everyone's bags.

Did you notice that we ended up with a White Christmas?
In Texas?!?

I won't lie, I'm totally over the concept of a white Christmas.
We travel to see family & while it's pretty, it complicates the driving.

Our 1.5 hour drive home turned into 4 hours.

Weather aside, we had a great Christmas!

We learned the tales of Bondage Barbie?!?  Pretty sure my Aunt Ruthie had a bit too much cough syrup and she exclaimed that Rachel's new Barbie must be Bondage Barbie (as she undid the bindings around Barbie's ankles for packaging purposes).

Oh & I made vague threats to my brother on Christmas Eve - sorry about that, I blame sleep deprivation!

We had a very blessed Christmas!
We requested very practical things from the family - Josh is gifting us manual Labor!
He is going to do some sheet rock work we've been needing done in our bathroom, but I'm not gifted in that particular area of construction.

Robert gave us a home made coupon for a car detail! With our fur babies in and out of our car all the time - it needs it!

My Daddy was beyond generous! We asked for some new cables, our bedroom television was having some problems staying connected to the DVD player. We were hopeful it was just poor connection cables, or a loose wire in the TV. (Mind you, this was my Granny's TV) My Daddy went out and bought us a brand new bedroom TV!!

We are so blessed!!

I also kind of stumbled upon a "First" for John & I. It was our first Christmas to spend with my family!
It was our 4th Christmas together. 4 years ago we planned for him to spend Christmas Eve with my family & Christmas Day with his, but it was snowing (the only other White Christmas I've ever seen!) and right before Christmas Eve services (when we kick off our Christmas events) he had to head off to his Moms to get off the roads. I was nonchalantly discussing the evening when I realized he clearly had no clue what I was talking about: why it would be obvious that I needed to make chicken noodle soup or what? we're going to church tonight? Oh yeah, I guess he wouldn't know...duh.

I hope you all had a Blessed & Merry Christmas!!

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  1. The snow makes for pretty pictures, but I am sure it caused some problems traveling. I would be so mad if that were my brother. Sleep deprovation or not!! Regardless, looks like you had a lovely Christmas!


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