Thursday, July 26, 2012

My 5 Little Delights this Week

I'm linking up to The Little Delights in Life for this weeks post of My 5 Little Delights this Week!

1. I am LOVING my new couch! 
Hey it was free (a post about how I got my fabulous free couch soon) and it actually matches (ish) our existing couch!
2. Our living room is almost cleaned out!! It will be finished this weekend!
Yes you heard me, only things that belong to the Hubbs and I remain! 
We finished ripping out the carpet in the office, living room will be finished today so now all there is left to do is pick a color and paint those ugly white walls!!

3. We got a gym membership!!
I have finally accepted that it is going to take establishing an actual routine to get the weight
of a small child off my body. Diet is going great...but I'm just not seeing the results quickly enough for my satisfaction.

4.I am going to bake this weekend! I haven't gotten a chance to recently and since we're having guests over Saturday I will get a chance to use the oven again!

5. The Olympics begin tomorrow!! So unbelievably excited!!


  1. That is so exciting hat your going to bake! What are you making?!

    I know I can't wait for the Olympics either!!

    1. I haven't decided yet! There are so many new recipes I'm wanting to try!! What ever I make, I'll post about it for an All things Pretty Linky Party on Aug. 2. : )

  2. I am excited for the Olympics too!


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