Friday, July 27, 2012

Dream Cake

This post isn't nearly as random as it seems...
Brooke over at The Little Delights in Life is having a contest.

We submit our pictures of our dream cake, she will select 3 of all the entries to create a tutorial for
then the readers will select which of those three she should blog about!

(how awesome is that to be so talented at your craft to be able to say "give me a task... I can do it and teach you too!" ?!?)

I'm putting my picture here and linking to it because the picture of the cake I would like her to do a tutorial on is on The Knot
(when you link to the knot all you see is their main page images... pretty useless for this purpose)

This is the beautiful cake I would love to see Brooke do! 

The pinstriping and ribbon detail on each layer of the cake exuded vintage romance. Jennifer had the baker design flowers that looked exactly like the ones on her gown.

I found it when I was searching for the perfect wedding cake.
I choose to go with a different design, but when I think romantic and food in the same thought...
...this cake comes to mind!

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