Monday, July 16, 2012

Success & Failure (Pt. 2)

       I was going to just write about todays events... but John said that this is "funny if you really think about it". I find that ironic since I'm usually the one that laughs in the "laugh or cry" moments when John is so mad you can practically see steam coming out of his ears! So in the name of humor that must be lost on me (or more likely I'm still to upset to see the funny), I am sharing the email I sent to John about the first half of today.

To: John (Work)
From: Rebekah Lewis
Subject: My Monday

Well, let's start on the positive notes -
I was on time to work!  I got dinner started so all I have to do is boil water for noodles for dinner tonight before Bible Study! I met Sonya and ran my Week 1 Day 1 with no problems!! I have a lead on a party for the first of August for Thirty-One!!

Now for the not so positives:

The hallway door is now completely off it's hinges as you may have noticed this morning when it fell on the floor. That isn't something we can just screw back in. It will be a major project that I am not capable of. Something about counter sinking screws?

When I was going out the back door to check water for Clyde & Bella the bottom half of the back door literally fell off the frame so we have half of a back door now. I can send you a picture if you want. It isn't going to be a ply-wood will fix it all solution. I have called Robert, he will come out and look at it tonight. It is most likely going to mean we have to buy a new door to fix that problem. That's going to get expensive fast and I don't know a way to make it any cheaper or a make-shift solution until we can afford a new door. Don't forget that this means hanging sheet rock if we decided not to replace the doors with French Doors again.

Since the hallway door and the back door are both now broken, the dogs essentially have the run of the entire house and back yard. Here's to hoping they don't get out of the window or fence or all the other nightmarish things that can happen now. I closed the child gate in the hall and our bedroom hoping it will keep them in the dining room/kitchen area.  I also shoved those end tables in front of the hallway child gate so that hopefully Sasha won't go out the window or out back and under the fence.

Now that the dogs have the run of the house, I couldn't leave dinner there. Pepper was quite interested in the smells coming from the crock pot. I don't think you can put half cooked chicken back in the fridge. Sooo.... I'm cooking dinner at work today. No one is exactly happy that I have some delicious smelling chicken dish cooking in the kitchen that you can smell throughout the entire office. : /  But, I used some of Chips herbs for it!! : )

And on to the informative pieces of my day:

Drew texted this morning to talk about their plans for when he and Maddie come to visit in a couple of weeks. They want to tour UNT, TWU, and TCU while in town. I'm working on setting up school tours for Saturday morning and maybe Friday evening if I can get that worked out. But as best as I can tell none of the schools are offering Saturday tours?!?! Since when do people have time to visit other towns and walk around talking about random old buildings in the middle of a freeking work week??? Right now it's looking like:

Arrive Friday - UNT or TWU tour
Dinner with your mom & Chip

Saturday - School tours
Golf? Shopping?
Dinner at our house - I'm cooking

Sunday - Get up for church
lunch at our house or out to eat after church - they leave after lunch.

Suggestions on menu plans for 2 breakfasts, a dinner, a lunch and maybe a lunch out to eat?


Needless to say, I'm stressed.

Love you!


To conclude. A picture of our now maimed back door.

Nope. I wasn't exaggerating. Half of the door is gone.

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