Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics So Far...

{My Thoughts on the Opening Ceremony}

Am I the only one who had tears glistening throughout various parts of the Opening Ceremony?!?
So amazing!!
So unique and quintessential Great Britain!
I love the torch!! And how it was lit!
Favorite Parts had to be JK Rowling & Paul McCartiney with Hey Jude
(the song John sings to me all the time!)
I love when the world comes together for these games!

{Various thoughts about random aspects of the games so far} 

Did y'all see Michelle Obama give the USA Mens Basketball team hugs after they beat France?
Talk about some sweaty hugs. (I love it when I have a thought or say something
when watching TV, then the announcers say the exact same thing after!)
First Lady Michelle Obama gets a few sweaty hugs from the American players after watching the USA Men's Basketball team defeat France during the 2012 Olympic Games.
Lots of people are bummed that Michael Phelps isn't doing as well in these Olympic Games.
I honestly think it's kind of awesome that his unfortunate lack of gold metals allows us to see some other awesome athletes... like Ryan Lochte!

... Notice how I said "various" thoughts like I had many... well the issue is I do have thoughts, but then I can't remember what they were. I've always wondered what I would talk about on Twitter if I actually used my account... now I know.
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