Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diet thus far...

       I am quite surprised how how easily this has gone! I'm eating well under my calorie range (which has never been this low before) without many challenges.  I gave up cokes with ease... no clue why this time it wasn't a problem to give up cokes (I was only drinking 1 a day or so) but in the past it has been torture.  (On the very rare occasion that I am needing a coke like substance I have broken down and allowed myself diet drinks - diet dr pepper or coke zero... but this is like a maybe once a week event)

       I drink lots of water! I haven't gotten used to having to run to the bathroom constantly, John has resorted to making pregnant woman jokes... but my body seems to be getting used to it! I don't drink much straight water - I'm not a fan, but I have a new fascination with my Mio - or in my case, my off brand one. : ) I still drink my lime or lemon water and carbonated water has been taking care of the few remaining coke cravings I have.

       Weekends are proving to be the real challenge... especially right now, it seems like we have something planned every weekend for weeks in advance and every event includes some type of food I shouldn't be eating!

       I am loosing about .5 lbs a day (some days more or less, usually depending on water weight). According to MyFitnessPal - if I continue eating the way I am, I will be down about 10 pounds in the next 30 days! : ) This is all without my planned exercise regimen. I have worked out the bicycle thing - a friend got a new one and her old one just needs some work so I'm getting it. And we're still working out details on swimming.

       I know I need to get my rear in gear on the exercise thing... I'm seeing some results now, but these results aren't drastic or quick. I feel better - but I don't think I look any different. I know myself (and my past dieting failures) well enough to know that if I don't start doing something to bump up the weight loss and see some changes soon, I'll quit.

       On another, but related, note: We're going on a cruise!! We just booked our summer vacay for a 5 day cruise with 2 other couples! I'm so excited!!  It's something I've been wanting to do for a while (number 12 on my 101 List!)
This will be the motivation I need to loose the weight and keep it off!

       Overall I am very happy with how my first couple of weeks went and hope to see better results soon! Oh - and I would be remiss to not mention... I have been counting calories and working towards my weight loss goals for just shy of two weeks now and a co-worker, who hasn't heard my rantings or seen me count my lunch's calories noticed and commented on my weight loss!!! So very nice to hear it from an outsider!!

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