Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Camping We Will Go!!

John and Clyde
       This past weekend we had planned to venture off to Lubbock to visit friends and family and to see our dear friend Shaun graduate!  Unfortunately, with all kinds of crazy calendar disasters, we were unable to go. : (  But - since the weekend was mostly free from having  been blocked off for the out-of-town trip, we were able to scrap together a last minute camping trip (check off #91!) with our friends Kim & Ryan and their daughter Ady!

Isn't Ady adorable?!?

Sweet Ady was feeding Clyde chips while we were preparing dinner.  She apparently thought he could use some dairy in his diet and she dumped the entire bag of cheese out for him!  Clyde loves those who feed him - Ady is his new best friend!



A camping Tale

We had set up camp and we were ready to head off to the beach to go swimming. Clyde, being the lazy pup he is, refused to budge from under the picnic table.  We were going to just leave him there until he slipped out of his collar and came chasing us through the camp.  

Clyde with his special camping bone.
So now Clyde was with us on our treck to the beach which included multiple detours and confusion due to a lack of a map.  Two miles later when we find out we've been walking the wrong direction... Clyde laid down in the middle of the road and refused to walk any more.  He can be quite stubborn when he chooses to.  All the tugging and prodding was to no avail.

 So logically of course, John and Ryan attempt to carry the large dog and all his dead weight. About this time sweet Ady decided she was done being in her stroller, so Kim carried her...

Carrying the baby

and Clyde rode in the stroller!  

 It goes without saying that we got our fair share of funny looks throughout the camping grounds!

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