Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Quest!! (& I need YOUR help!!)

I am on a Quest to find a piece of furniture 

and I need YOUR help!!

I am looking for a china hutch in a very similar style to the one pictured below.  It's been on my 101 list and is a project I really need to get cracking on... It is time to paint a china hutch to revamp my dish storage problems!

I keep thinking I'll come across one on my own, but it has been almost a full year since I decided I wanted to do this project and I hear of people locally finding a hutch someone wanted to giveaway or sell for next to nothing... but alas, it is never me who finds these people with an excess of hutches. 


This particular upcycled china hutch was done by Elizabeth & Co.
There are so many inspiring ideas - like this pin board on Pinterest.

My qualifications for being the Perfect Hutch:
~ There needs to be no sentimental attachment to the piece of furniture! I'm going to paint & do some sanding work on it.
~ It needs to be priced $75 or less - preferably less
~ I want some display space, the glass area at the top; but I am most interested in cabinet space at the base! 
~ Drawers are not necessary, in fact - I really need quite a bit of shelf space hidden away behind the doors, so drawers may be a draw back.

Some of my favorite upcycled pieces for inspiration:
(Found here)
distressed painted furniture after
(Found here)

(Found Here)


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