Friday, May 25, 2012

My new favorite blog!

     In my quest to keep having success with my new diet and fitness routine I have been on a search for another blog to use as inspiration (like this one that helped me start the journey) that has a "normal" person dealing with daily struggles just like I am.  I think I have found it!

     May I introduce you to "Lovely Little Things"

Some of my favorite posts she has done (and I haven't even finished checking all of them out!) that you may want to look at:

~ check out the chicken salad she made with avocados instead of mayo - couldn't be more perfect, I've been craving those tasty green veggies!
~ One of my favorite things about her blog is that when she talks about an exercise, she includes pictures. I can honestly say that she has educated me as to what a "burpee" is! (check out her abs! I can only hope to one day have abs like that!)
~ She eats like a real person! I eat many of the things she eats & she is honest about what she consumes!

My fitness Pinterest board

I try to remember that each day is a new beginning with my diet. Sometimes John has to remind me that these things don't just happen over night and it takes time. I posted this on my refrigerator (and bathroom mirror and my desk...) today. I'm hoping that it will remind me that diet isn't going to be the only way this gets done. I think it also helps to know that I'm not blindly blundering along - it is an actual science, there is a formula... for calories at least.

The 100 Workout #exercise #workout 
This is my current Cardio Workout... I will admit that I'm not quite able to do the full counts of all of these... but I'm working on it!

It's amazing where all you can get inspiration if you want to find it! I just hope that now that I've started and it has become a part of my routine - it will be harder to quit than to keep going! 
I'm optimistic, for example, let me eat over about 400 calories and then you will get to listen to me complain about how badly my stomach hurts from eating too much! : ) (= success in my book!)

My personal growth moment from this past week was when for the first time ever that I can recall - I had too much sugar! I love cakes (I really enjoy baking and cooking for others too) and sweets - so I was having a cupcake. Yes, I had worked hard and had a hard work out later to make room for the cupcake in my diet. One cupcake later my shrinking tummy had consumed too much sugar! Ah!! I don't think I've ever been so happy to have an upset stomach!

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