Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thrift Store Wonder!

A major part of keeping a monthly budget for J & I is shopping second hand clothes.

My last trip to Platos Closet I hit the Jack Pot!!
I'm pretty hit or miss in any thrift store, but particularly that one for me, so I was quite excited!!

4 shirts + 1 dress + 1 shrug + 1 pair flip flops + 2 pair shorts
= $75! That's an average of $8 per item!

Did I mention that over half my haul still had the store tags on the items?

Sporting my new Pink shirt the next day at Mamas Write!

Thrifting is a huge blessing to us!
John was quite accustomed to name brand clothing and paying retail prices when we first got married. I had been raised in a house with 4 kiddos - we either bought it second hand or it was hand-me-downs. Buying second hand is really all I know (not that I don't shop regular retail stores - I love sales!) 
Stores, particularly Platos Closet, allow me to get John his favorite brands at a quarter (or less!) of the cost!

I keep a list of the things we need (or want) in my wallet - when I've got a spare few minutes to swing by one of my favorite stores I know exactly what we need and I don't get so caught up in shopping (& spending money) for the sake of shopping.

What about you? Do you thrift?


  1. What a great idea! Keeping a list! That never crossed my mind.

    1. Thanks! Without a list I will only come home with repeats of items we have or frivolous things we don't need! I get too caught up in the "I'm getting a deal" mentality! Thanks for stopping by!!


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