Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Christmas Quest!

I'm being cheap... or as I now like to say it, I'm sticking to my budget!

I didn't budget for many holiday decorations in November, and I'd prefer to not spend a fortune on items in December, since of course that is when most of our gift shopping will take place.

We ran to Target the other night for lights for Johns desk and for clear ornaments for me to make our wedding invitation ornament.

I came across this awesome tinsel tree! I love it!
It collapses down onto itself so it can easily be stored in a box, it comes with a stand and is basically fluffy tinsel on a wire in the shape of a tree.

It's not at all a traditional decoration... and John actually likes it!!
{the man who believes it aught to be sacrilegious to have any Christmas ornaments in colors other than red and green...}

I want one!! {or three}
They're already sold out online (as you can see...), so I doubt they'll last long in the stores.

Have you seen a DIY for this type of tree?
Collapsible is key.

What do you think? Is it worth making them, or should I just go shell out $20 a pop?

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