Monday, November 12, 2012

Doggie Love

I have always loved animals, but I've never been that person who personifies her pets. That is, until John and I started dating! 

As the relationship between J & I developed and grew, I found myself working for approval from his dog, yes his dog! Until the day that Chloe died, she was less than thrilled that another woman had come into Johns life!

I'm always taking pictures of our pets, particularly our doggy Clyde & all the awkward ways he sits. I thought it was high time I shared some with you!

John & Clyde hugging in the driveway
{excuse the mess...} Clyde likes to sit like this! No clue why!?!
Boots the cat likes to put each limb on either side of the couch. True laziness!
Clyde & Daddy like to cuddle
He has the WHOLE couch and look how he likes to sleep!
A close up of how silly his mouth looks when he sleeps!
Pepper is always overjoyed that "DADDY IS HOME!!!"

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