Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My DIY Christmas Gift Guide

{Lauren... yes you Lauren - do NOT read this!

Decorations, to fill in some of the gaps on our tree (we try to only buy a few ornaments a year, they add up quickly!)

I'm thinking about combining two recipes to make them smell good!

Pinner says: "Cinnamon ornaments-- we have these ornaments on our tree from about 20 years ago and they STILL smell amazing! I'm glad to now know how to make them."

 In our Office we all exchange gifts, and we also do a stocking stuffing thing where everyone has a huge stocking that we stuff with little items ($5 or less per person) and everyone gets the same thing.

I haven't decided on the stocking stuffers, but I wanted to make something for everyone for individual gifts. What is better than food??

My mom used to make this for us, but I couldn't find her recipe anywhere - so where did I turn?
Pinterest of course!

popcorn cake - I've actually made this before LOVE it!! : )

My thoughts are, it's something the entire family can enjoy (we exchange these gifts as we bolt out the door before Christmas), and will travel well for those headed off on long road trips!

John wants to take something to his office as well, so I will be making popcorn cake balls for him to take {I'm thinking baseball size} and maybe some chocolate bark or chocolate covered pretzles.

For my Aunt I am wanting to make an Advent Calendar.
I'm not 100% sure I have time for this, but I am going to try awfully hard!

50 Cool DIY Advent Calendars

I thought it would be a nice activity for her and the kiddos. They work really hard to keep the focus of the holiday on Jesus, rather than Santa and trees. So I'm thinking that something neutral like this would work well!

For our Fur Babies we always like to get them a little something.
It's usually just a bone or new chew toy.
A couple of years ago we got them nice, big beds.
Well, it's time to replace those beds, but I'm not interested in spending that kind of money again.

I've made blankets this way but I never thought to stuff them and make a dog bed! Would work as a floor pillow for kids' reading nook in the playroom.

For my friends {including Lauren - disclaimer at top}, Infinity Scarfs!

5 Minute Infinity Scarf- 1 yard of fabric and 5 minutes and you have an awesome scarf!

Do you make DIY Christmas gifts?
What is on  your DIY list this year?


  1. Are you kidding me? I just looked at two pictures and then scrolled down to comment and tell you how much I love you! I will try and be good and resist reading the rest!

    1. haha you'll only be ruining your own present if you peek! :) Love you!!


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