Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Cards

Today is the beginning of our Christmas quest.
If we're going to send out Christmas cards this year, I've got to get them ordered asap.

Are Christmas Cards, or letters a tradition for your family?
Did you carry it over into your own household?

When my brothers and I were young I know my mother always wrote Christmas letters – then life got busy (we became less cute) and the letters turned into generic cards. 

Then even the generic manger scenes stopped with time and ever increasing busy lives. 

All that being said, I think it is a great tradition!

When John and I were dating and things were getting serious, I was so excited for us to send Christmas cards together!  It was an interesting dynamic for us; For John, Christmas cards were a nice gesture and you picked the cutest ones there. For me, Christmas cards are a way of connecting with family you don't see often and an opportunity to demonstrate that I believe in keeping Christ in CHRISTmas.

He wanted cuddly puppies, I wanted a Biblically accurate manger scene.
Over time we have compromised to a photo card, including pictures of our very own cuddly doggies, a holiday greeting and a select verse.

As with any other holiday tradition, I think it is all about what matters to you, the sender.

During the holiday season when I have friends and family around I wish them a Merry Christmas, our holiday correspondences are always Christmas cards with a Biblical message somewhere in it because that is what is important to us!

When I visit friends during Hanukkah, I am happy to receive the greeting “Happy Hanukkah” or “Happy Holidays” and I return the selected greeting. They probably got my Christmas card too, and I likely received their Holiday photo.

I’m not sure how we have gotten to the place we are at where saying “Happy Holidays” has become offensive to those celebrating a select holiday, and a specific greeting is an assault to someone celebrating a different holiday.

I bid to you, a Merry Christmas!

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