Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Splitting the Holidays

I'm having some serious trouble splitting the holidays!

Growing up, Grandma (mom's mom) was widowed and Mom was an only child, so from the time I was about 8 on, Grandma just joined in on the Pierce family holidays. We never really split them.

That won't really work for John and I.

John's Grandfather recommended splitting every other year, which is what we do as of now.
So Thanksgiving this year is with his family, so Christmas is with mine.
Next year it will be flipped.

As my mothers illness developed and she started imparting wisdom that she knew she wouldn't be around years later to pass along one of her recomendations to me was that as an immediate family, John and I make our own holiday traditions. Particularly Christmas Eve

I couldn't agree more. We always went to my grandparents house for Christmas Eve, so when they passed away - the holiday didn't feel like a holiday anymore. Our traditions were basically gone with them.  Starting the first Christmas after we have little ones, I will insist that Christmas Eve is spent in our house with them going to bed in their own beds that night.

That will totally mess up our system of every other.
And how can you even create traditions when you are constantly flip flopping where you are? 

 How do all of you seasoned married ladies do it?

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