Friday, November 2, 2012

Senior Night

Today will be a Friday for the books. 

Our car is in the shop and reverting back to being a one car family has not exactly been easy.
I'm so thankful for my Dad and Robert (brother #1) for being my personal chauffeurs these last two weeks. 
{and a thanks in advance for the same because it may be another week before we get the car back}

Since the car is unavailable and I needed to be at work early this morning John brought me in on his way to the office... problem being - John had to go in early today.
So my wake up call was at 4:45 this morning {and of course I didn't go to bed at an appropriate time for this, because I wasn't tired}

Bright side? I perfected the fine art of sleeping at my desk!

Poor Hubby has dental surgery again today.
This will be his third visit in a 3 month period.
Bright (ish) side? It will be his last visit for 2012 - because we're maxed out on insurance benefits.
(that was a scary letter from the insurance co!) but never fear! We picked up secondary coverage that should kick in come January! {Yay! for affording his next 6 appointments}

But all this aside. Tonight is my youngest brothers Senior Night.
The first in a long line of events celebrating his transition from childhood to being an adult.

Of course this has been an emotional thing every time one of us graduates,
first Me, then Robert and Jacob.

The difference between our Senior Nights and Joshua's will be that Daddy is the only one here to
escort Josh onto the field.

Moms goal as she battled cancer was to see the four of us graduate high school. 
She was diagnosed the week after I graduated.
She proudly watched Robert walk across the stage.
She was proud, but bedridden by Jacobs graduation.

We lost her three years too soon.
So if you would, say a little prayer for us this evening.
We are all so proud of Joshua and the man he is becoming.
but nothing replaces the presence of your mother.

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