Monday, November 26, 2012

"You've got to be kidding me..."

...those were my words when I walked into the kitchen last night after dinner.

John and I had just had a discussion about chores around the house.
I take full responsibility, in October with a crazy tax deadline I didn't have as much time for chores and around the house work - so my sweet, wonderful husband picked up the slack.

Only problem was, I never really took back my part of the chores.
SO, I agreed (rightfully so) to start carrying my weight again.

Then I walk into the kitchen and notice soap oozing out of the sides of the dishwasher.
Suds were everwhere!!
"Ummm... John???"

I open the dishwasher, to find the source and what do I see?

Photo taken after suds had decreased greatly...

His response?
"Oh yeah, we ran out of dishwasher gel"
So he used Dish soap!

Copious amounts of Dish Soap!!

... cue comment about kidding me...

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