Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mamas Write

This past weekend, Lauren & I went to the Mamas Write
Blogging conference in Arlington.
Lauren & me. : )
It was such a blessing!!
So many things that I needed to hear at the perfect season in my blogging life.

In fact some of the lessons I learned I am getting to put into practice already!

For example, I haven't had time to post this before now - and it was Okay!
Mandy {Biblical Homemaking} spoke on
how we cannot let the things that matter LEAST affect the things that matter MOST.

Sometimes life will just get in the way and our families amongst other things
are more important than our blogs. It can be hard to remember that.

I learned a lot about how to put into words what my Blog means and is to me.
What I want it to be and how to make sure that it has a purpose pleasing to God.

Amy from Blogging with Amy
I got so many tips and learned about great resources out there for bloggers!
Check out the Blogging with Amy link above - I've already learned so much from her site and I've only visited it a few times so far!

It was great getting to hear her speak!

I also made a new friend!!
Everyone, meet the amazingly talented Amanda from Royal Daughter Designs!
Amongst other things, she puts together great tutorials on how to do fancy Bloggy things yourself!
For someone who is a computer-illiterate as me, this blog is like Manna from Heaven!

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  1. Such a great day, so glad I got to share it with you!


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