Friday, August 17, 2012


I want to brag on my husband.
For as long as I can remember I have been the strong one.

Even as a kid when something bad happened or there was a death, 
I felt like I needed to stand up and be brave.

For years I would push my emotions off and wait to cry.
(defiantly not healthy, I don't recommend it)

One of the many reasons I LOVE my husband is he can
be strong for me.  When there is something that I just can't emotionally 
deal with - he knows that (even without me telling him) and he just takes care of it.

In every case it is an emotional thing for him too,
but he knows that my emotions and heart haven't healed from Mom yet.
He takes the hit for me.
He does the "dirty" work.

It's amazing the way that God designed marriage.
It is awesome the way that your married relationship evolves.
Letting someone else take the reigns and handle something for me
is not something I do easily.
{in fact, it is usually forced}

I fall even more in love with him when I can rely on him
completely. There are times he can't deal with something and I can.
I love that he can rely on me and I can be his shelter the way he is for me.

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