Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun Weekend Recap!

It's been a long time since I have had a chance to mark
something off of my 101 List!  I am happy to say that I can mark TWO off my list!!

Numbers 1 (to go to Six-Flags) & 43 (to have a non-family member guest stay the night at our house) are going, going, Gone!


This past Thursday night John's cousin Drew and Drew's sweet girlfriend Maddie came to visit us!
Friday morning we got up and I went with them to tour the University of North Texas.

It was great!! John spent the afternoon with them at our house while I worked, then
we went to dinner with Drew's other cousin who is living in Denton & studying at TWU.

John, Drew & Maddie enjoying some ice cream!
{Yes, I was a horrible blogger and only have 3 pictures from the entire weekend...
all of them eating ice cream. I will do better this weekend, I promise!}

 The evening was spent watching the Olympics of course (we forget that there is regular television programing when the Olympic games are going on)!

Saturday we got up "early" - Drew & Maddie are early risers apparently, John and I not so much.
John fixed us sausage & french toast for a delicious breakfast.
Then we left for Fort Worth and toured TCU.

We had planned that after our TCU tour for John & Drew to go play golf
and for Maddie & I to go shopping.

... but they came up with an even better plan!


We had a fabulous time!
it was HOT, but still enjoyable with copious amounts of water!

We had some less sugar coated times...
like something mysterious went down the toilet 2 weekends ago...
not pointing fingers but I think my husband may know what.
So now we have plumbing issues.

Turns out Drew & Maddie aren't quite as calloused to widlife entering the house
as we are... so big spiders were an issue. (John went home to kill one for them! lol)

Oh, and we got a new doggie door.  An unplanned doggie door.
 Since this will take extensive repairs, I'm sure a post is to follow about this mess.

How was your weekend?

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