Friday, August 24, 2012

A weekend of ...marriage?

I'm still enough of a newly wed (married for just over a year and a half) that I still find mundane things "fun" because I feel "married". 

We were on our honeymoon and John had to do some homework (lame I know), while he studied I got the biggest kick out of making our first grocery list and menu plan for when we got home!

Well this past weekend was much like that afternoon on the honeymoon, it was very... normal.

Normal, that is, if the average married couple gets to spend their weekend with the Wife's brother helping the Husband take the toilet out of the house to remove an Expo marker and some other foreign objects from the pipes under our bathroom.

Friday night we were planning to have date night, dinner at our favorite place - Freebirds!
then off to see a movie.  Plans changed a little (for the good!) and my Dad and Brother Josh came along to dinner!  Afterwards we had planned to go see a movie but the show times were a little off our schedule and so we went with plan B.

You know you are remodeling a house when your Plan B for your Friday evening is a stop at Lowe's for a new wax ring for your toilet!

Saturday I got up early and headed to Fort Worth for a Thirty-One Celebrate & Connect meeting!
(while Josh & John dealt with the plumbing and a few other tasks)
It was great getting to see so many consultants fired up about their business!
Their excitement is contagious and was exactly what I needed!

After my meeting I met up with my close friend Tiffany!
(She was my Matron of Honor and her sweet husband Josh was one of John's groomsmen.)
 It was so great to see her & her adorable Baby Bump!!

On my way home from Tiffy's house I was caught in a rather intense rain storm.
All is well though, and we have since bought tires after I experienced first hand that it was time to replace them!

I didn't get home until late but it was the perfect ending to the day!
I grabbed Pizza and Wings... and The Hunger Games!!
Josh & John met me at Dad's house and the four of us hunkered down for a nice movie night to the sound of thunder!
My challenge for you this weekend is to SLOW DOWN!
Summer is quickly coming to a close and if your summer has been anything like mine it has been
crazy busy!  Spend some time with your family & friends!
Enjoy life!!


  1. SOOOO glad to meet you at Mamas Write!! Send me your twitter handle so I can find you!

  2. Such a great post! I hope you're having a great week!


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