Friday, August 3, 2012


This morning I went with my hubby's cousin (Drew) and Drew's sweet girlfriend (Maddie)
to tour the University of North Texas.

There is just something so invigorating about touring a college campus
everyone there raidates

I miss college!

I wish that I could have turned 18 and known all that I know now.
Funny thing is, most of what I wish I had known, or wish I had been told...
... I was told. {in some form or fashion}
I just didn't listen.

So odd how we have to learn things ourselves.
Make our own mistakes and learn our own lessons.

My Dad insisted that I should go to Nursing School 
(I had several of the classes done already)
then use the degree to pay my way though as much future school as I wanted.

Did I?
no. I thought the extra year seemed like too much.
Funny how a year seemed like a long time a few years ago.
like too much of a sacrifice. Now it's merely a measurement of time.

My Aunt M. wanted John & I to have a small wedding.
{lots of reasons, all valid}

Did I?
no. I decided that a small wedding was the way to go the week of my
very large, very stressful, very expensive* wedding.
(*expensive for us... I would love to do a future post on how affordable our wedding was and paid for it all ourselves!)

I've learned a lot of lessons.
Many weren't that painful, just informative.

But where are my new beginnings??
What's next?

What lessons have you learned {the hard or the easy way}?

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