Thursday, August 16, 2012

Current Crush

 Current Crush Thursdays

I'm doing a link up I've never done before,
but it always looks like so much fun - I've been wanting to try!

If you know me at all, you know that I usually don't wear make up. Of any kind!
I consider it a success if I get up and put on mascera - and I usually only do that because I'm so tired
and having darker lashes makes me look slightly more conscious.

Then the Bestie, Lauren, had a Mary Kay party!

I've been around Mary Kay Products before.  That was my mothers makeup of choice.

I am seriously crushing on the great products I got!

I got the Mineral Powder & brush
{I love how light it is!}

The acne gel!
{This is a MK product I have used for years it works miracles for my skin!}

The Tinted Moisturizer
{It's great! Very refreshing for my skin and is a quick fix if I don't want to put on all my makeup}

The Time Wise Cleanser
{I have used this product before, but it has been changed to a gel and I am soo much happier with it now!}

And My Favorite!!
Fancy Nancy Lip Gloss!

I am happy to report that I have gotten up and done my makeup every day since I got these fabulous
products! Maybe what I really needed was great products to motivate me to take the time!

Link up with us at Framed Frosting!


  1. Loving my Fancy Nancy lip gloss too!! Thank you Mary Kay!

    1. I know!! It's such a great color!! : )


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