Saturday, August 18, 2012

It was a Sucess!

{This post *would* have been up much earlier this week, say Monday! but Google+ and I
had some issues with loading pictures from my phone. Some long frustrating issues!
I'm so happy this is done and I can share our great weekend of moving Jacob into his dorm!}

If you missed one of last weeks posts
I have not been dealing well with my bubba Jacob moving off to college.

I am happy to report that I did not cry once!
 {I however am not handling the fact that I'm home and he's not...}

It only took 4 trips to Walmart (twice here, twice there)
and two car loads of stuff to get him moved in!

Leaving for College!
My Dad isn't feeling well and another brother was scheduled for some medical tests so
he wasn't able to go along.  Jacob & I left early Friday morning and John followed an hour
later after he took care of a few obligations. {I feel so fancy, we had "obligations" hehe}

(I'm pretty impressed with how this picture turned out considering I was driving when I took it!)

Marshall is a cute little town and I'm in love with ETBU's campus!
I'm so proud of him for going to the school that he wants to go to and I think he will
really thrive in the small private school environment!

My Fancy new ETBU Tigers shirt! Compliments of Jacob!

His dorm room wasn't *exactly* what I thought...
which being as much of a planner & obsessor as I am - I didn't adjust well, but It will be OK!
His room looking in from the door

& from the bed... it's so tiny!
His Spiffy new band uniform!
If you didn't already hear from this proud sister - Jacob is there on scholarship to play his Trumpet!
He's so happy - he has always been very independent.
Especially since Mom got sick.
Though he is younger than me, in many ways he is stronger.
Living on his own (well his own plus 3 roommates) will be great for him!
I could already see his excitement at the new adventure! 

I drove him nuts all weekend with my picture taking and random questions into things
that he couldn't care less about or just didn't find to be a topic of choice.
At lunch on Saturday I started by asking Jacob & Hayden (one of Jacob's roommates and his close friend) if they had made any new friends.

Yup... I felt the horror of my question that I couldn't believe had slipped through my lips
reflect all over their faces. Like they were 5 years old and it was their first day of Kindergarden.
Heaven help my future children!

We're all looking forward to this fall and getting to see Hayden play football and Jacob march in halftimes! 
Come on Fall Weather & Football Season!!

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  1. Such a sweet post! My little sister started kindergarten this morning & I got a little misty eyed just from seeing the photos!


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