Monday, August 6, 2012

New Beginnings

My "little" brother Jacob is moving to college this week.
{I say "little" because he is whole head taller than me!}

I think I'm going to cry...
oh wait, I have/will/am crying.

{Yep, I was the crazy woman tearing up in Walmart while I shopped for his dorm room}

I do not know how parents do this!
Sending your kids off on their own has to be nerve wracking!!

Jacob was convinced that he didn't need to buy much, or anything really, for college.
I of course was of a different opinion.

For example - I kid you not, he thought it would be OK to take his current bedding rather than buy new.
Where to begin, his current bedding is Old, it is full sized and I don't know any dorm rooms with full sized beds. AND, the best part - it's my old bedding!! It has HUGE blue flowers all over it!

Fortunatly, it wasn't just me that thought his idea of taking his old bedding was a less than
stellar idea.

Two awesome families at church set him up with all the bedding and towels etc that he would need.

That left me free to focus on essentials like, laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap,
food and hygiene products.

Oh... and the all important social money item

John & I will be taking off from work on Friday to move him to East Texas.
He is excited and we're excited for him too!
(my emotional status is slowly getting better!)

I can't wait to help him set up his dorm room and get settled in.

I'm so happy I have the opportunity to help him get what he needs & get settled in at school.
It's a little bit of unfamiliar territory for me since I never lived in a dorm or apartment
{he's one of the lucky kids who gets to live in the University Apartments, yay for Transfer students!}

What were some of the things you moved into the dorm with that don't usually make the "packing lists"?

What one thing could you not live without?


**Edit** I had a couple of great suggestions come to my email and facebook - I wanted to share them here!
  • Door stop
  • Meds - getting sick the first time away from home is usually awful

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