Friday, January 30, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 (Weeks 12-14)

How far along?:
14 weeks, 4 days

My baby is the size of a:
Navel Orange
4.5 inches and about 2-3 ounces

I'm doing very well! Emotionally I'm doing really well. I'm having trouble with sleep & insomnia, my midwife said that the last little bit of lingering blues may be resolved once I'm able to consistently get sleep on a normal schedule. We also talked about how since I've already struggled with some depression in the pregnancy that I would be more likely to face Postpartum Depression after the baby comes.
Morning sickness wise I'm doing really well! Far better than I ever did in my pregnancy with Coralie. I still occasionally throw up or have a bad day where I throw up several times that day but it looks like a trend is beginning of more good days than bad!

Weight Gain:
At my Midwife appointment a couple of days ago I was down 8.5 pounds over all and according to my home scales, I was actually up 2 pounds from my lowest weight so far in this pregnancy.

20 week sono is scheduled for Feburary 25 so we'll know for sure then. John is quite convinced it's a girl after the heartbeat came in at 157 BMP. We were going to have the blood test drawn to learn the gender and test for several other genetic abnormalities etc but turns out that our less-than-delightful insurance won't cover that, so... I have better things to do with my money so we've opted out of that test.

Maternity Clothes:
Yes, and thanks to a very sweet lady in my church MOMs group who was getting rid of all her maternity clothes I actually own winter maternity clothes now! Before this, I only owned one long sleeved shirt and it's not my favorite. I was getting really tired of that dang red shirt!

When my Midwife had the Doppler on, baby was thudding and thumping away in there moving all over the place! Since the appointment, I've been pretty confident I've felt baby move a couple of times! Right about 14 weeks and 5 or 6 days when I think I felt the first flutters/movement.

Not fantastic. Midwife has me taking half a Unisom at night. Last night was the first time I did this, it took me a while but I was still asleep two hours before I normally was!

Eh. Food is a little icky to me. I'm eating way too much junk/processed food because I'm just not up to standing in the kitchen cooking. I have been eating a small bowl of pickles for the past few nights, but I've always loved pickles, it just isn't usual for me to eat quite so many so frequently.

 I miss:
Wine. I very rarely drink but while pregnant it is the forbidden fruit thing, it's all I want! I've also kind of been craving Monster energy drinks for the same reason. I had this exact thing happen when I was pregnant with Cora.

Best moment this week:
Hearing the heartbeat at the Midwife's appointment.
When we went to the Midwife Cora went along too (John was there to help corral her). She was being fidgety and a little noisy the whole visit up until my Midwife had the heartbeat on the Doppler. Cora was so quiet and interested in listening to her baby brother or sisters heart beat. It was the sweetest thing! She just sat in Johns arms with her mouth open slightly looking very interested in what was going on!  

Goals for the upcoming week:
I don't have any fun baby related goals right now. I'm trying to track down some information on our awful insurance and what it will or won't cover (we learned that it won't cover the blood test but we've already missed the window for some of the alternative tests, which insurance wouldn't have really covered much of either... so we're basically being forced to not do any testing or pay for it out of pocket). We've also decided that we're switching insurance plans in April when John's company offers open enrollment. Not ideal to change insurance over half way through a pregnancy but it's still the right choice for us in the long run. With all the junk that insurance isn't covering (we haven't heard back if they'll at all cover our birthing center, that's my current project) I've decided I'm all for home birth, we'd end up paying less, I'm perfectly happy with the idea of not having to leave home and ride in a bumpy van for 30 minutes while in labor. John however is less enthused at the idea of a home birth.
After we learn the gender, fun baby goals will arise!

Belly Pictures:
Displaying 20150124_170624.jpg

Past Pregnancy:
Here is my week 15 update from pregnancy with Cora.
From what I remember, I'm pretty much right on track with where I was last time.

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