Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 (Week 11 & some catch up)

In week 9 we visited our Midwife, Kathy, and had our first sonogram. Everything looks good! Kathy and her nurse Jan are so very sweet and they're so excited for us! Baby looks good & we were able to find a heartbeat (risk of miscarriage drops significantly after a heartbeat is found)! After confirming the healthy pregnancy we felt confident enough to share the news the next week with family, so we started announcements! It looks like it's one baby, a question we always ask since I have two sets of cousins with twins!

How far along?:
11 weeks 2 days

My baby is the size of a:Large Plum
I've been quite sick. I still recognize that I'm not as sick as I was with Cora but I'm still plenty sick & vomiting. I'm incredibly hormonal. I didn't have this problem when I was pregnant with Cora, it's bad. Everything bothers me! I spend a great deal of my day biting my tongue. I haven't done an update since week 7/8 in part because of being sick, also due to my poor attitude. The idea of opening my laptop has just been... well the best word I can come up with is Blah! (see my Bah Hum Bug post from when I was 10 weeks)
Weight Gain:
Down 5.2 pounds overall.

I'm still guessing boy, John is still guessing girl.

Maternity Clothes:
Yes! Christmas week I finally gave in and dug out the maternity clothes. I finally lost my patience with the top of my jeans rolling down under my growing belly. I'm much more comfortable now! It was also fun basically digging out a whole new wardrobe, although I really need to add some winter pieces to what I have since I primarily wore maternity clothes in spring and summer last time.

None yet.

My sleep has actually gotten better. I'm still struggling with Cora waking about once a night wanting to nurse, but my frustration with that has slightly improved. She's probably temporarily sleeping better due to extreme exhaustion from Christmas activities and my Brothers Wedding festivities last week. We're all still exhausted from it all, so I'm sure she is too! (She actually wanted to go to sleep tonight right at 8! I was more than happy to put her down!)

Nothing really sounds good. Last night I was convinced the only thing I'd be able to hold down was a Totinos Cheese Pizza. I begged & John went and got one for me. We got distracted and it burned in the oven. I was desperate enough for one that I drove back to the store for another!
I'm having a weird, I guess maybe symptom? Particularly at night after dinner I can't seem to eat enough. I'm starving! Nothing sounds good, no matter how much protein I push I can't stop the hunger so I go to sleep hungry every single night. I'll often also be eating and suddenly get sick but still be very hungry. It's rather frustrating.

 I miss:
Feeling in better control of my emotions. I didn't suffer from Postpartum Depression but I can imagine this might be what it feels like to some? I'd go into more details but I honestly feel horrible about how I feel and I know there's no reason for it and I'm trying not to dwell on it.

Best moment this week:
Last week was a week of celebrations! On the Sunday before Christmas we told John's Mom & Stepdad when we celebrated Christmas with them. Chip, John's Stepfather is ecstatic, we had actually told him ahead of time and he was still bouncing with Joy when we made the "official" announcement that afternoon. On Christmas Eve we told my Dad and brothers, we even managed to have Joshua on FaceTime in Japan to tell him at the same time too! They're all very excited! Dad suspected (as he'd remarked a couple of times before hand that he thought I was pregnant), Josh's exact words were "Again?!?" (but in a happy way! lol) Jacob and Robert were all jovial and couldn't wait until we could all share the news with extended family.
We worried about stepping on toes with announcing so close to Jacob's wedding but I have just always wanted to announce a pregnancy at Christmas. He checked with his fiancee Stephanie and she was just fine with us announcing to some extended family as long as we didn't make it a big deal at the wedding (which we absolutely weren't going to do!) or rehearsal dinner the day after Christmas. So Christmas Day we were supposed to gather the extended family but because of busy schedules that fell through last minute. We told the Uncle that came over on Christmas Day and he was headed to see the other Aunt, Uncle & cousins, so we sent him with an ornament and a picture of Cora in her new Big Sis shirt to pass along word.

We tried really hard to keep it quiet at the Rehearsal Dinner, we told our Great Aunt & Uncle but asked them to keep it quiet, and they agreed & helped us keep the secret. I blew it a little when I barged into the bathroom as several of Stephanie's sisters and sister-in-laws were getting ready for dinner at the church to throw up. That kind of spilled the beans, but we really made an effort in general that it wasn't out shining their day. I think we found a nice balance! :)
Past Pregnancy:
My updates were a little sporadic with Cora at this point, but from what I remember and can tell - I was so much sicker then than I am now. Hard to believe as miserable as I feel, but I do remember being super sick last time.

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