Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Count Down to Baby 1 {week 6}

For posterity sake I wanted to post this. I wrote out many more bump updates than I actually published for Cora. Usually because I was too busy or tired to take pictures of my growing bump in the first trimester and I usually wouldn't post if I didn't have the picture. It's been fun for me to look back at these posts from my pregnancy with her verses baby #2. 

Date: 2/24/13

Due Date:  
Well we're still estimating because our midwife cancelled our appointment... grr.
So we guess 10/14/13

How far along?:
Roughly 6 weeks.

Weight Gain:
It's fluxuating but, overall, I'm down 1.8 lbs.

My baby is the size of a:
Sweet pea!!
And our sweet pea is beginning to develop facial features & it's blood is circulating!!

Maternity Clothes:
None - but my pants are quite uncomfortable.

Stretch Marks:
None yet - I'm holding John to that promise of rubbing coca butter!

Belly Button In or Out:

Wedding Ring on or off:
I've got them all
The worst is the delightful cramps that like to sneak up from no where and leave me doubled over in pain. Try keeping a pregnancy secret when you're bent over moaning!

Dr. Pepper - but since I can't have that I've been settling for (and greatly enjoying) Sonic Cherry Limades and Oceanwaters!

When offered food, I either love the idea of that food or absolutly hate it.
I've just been going with my gut on what to eat.

Horrible. And I feel awful for saying that because I know it's going to get worse.
I am exhausted but just can't get comfortable enough to sleep.

I am loving:
That it's all still a secret! I'm not ready for it to be out of our little bubble.

I miss:
Just about everything I can't have!
Ice Cold Dr. Pepper, sleeping under a heated blanket, and for some reason I really want a Monster!

I am looking forward to:
The re-scheduled dr appointment

I'm freaking out about:
The dr. appointment - not a fan of going to the doctor.
And I'm not really fond of the idea of breaking the news to anyone, particularly the grandparents and my bosses.

Best moment this week:
Running a budget and figuring out that we can (kind of) afford this little Sweet Pea!

Worst moment this week:
The dr's visit being cancelled last minute.

So-So. They're hit or miss. I had a complete meltdown Friday night but for the most part I'm pretty okay. I think my grumpy times are closer related to being tired all the time than my hormones.

Another week passed!!


It's a...:

Not so hot this week - I've got to get better about this!

Pretty good. Though I'm hungry all the time!

Goals for the upcoming week:
See the dang doctor!


Not worried about that yet.

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