Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 (Week 5)


How far along?:
5 weeks

My baby is the size of an:Appleseed!
So far, physically, I'm feeling better than I was last time. This time last pregnancy I was experiencing lots of muscle pain, round ligament pain and cramps. As far as that goes this time, I'm golden. It's like my body said "ah, I know how to do this" and just let my muscles relax and move out making me look bigger/pregnant. It's kinda interesting (to me anyway), I still have some soft loose skin from being pregnant with Cora so when you would push on my belly it was very "fluffy", now it's really firm and hard because those muscles just shifted out taking up space in that stretched out skin.
I had some cramps last week but I can only think of once or twice that I have this week and they seriously weren't a big deal.
I'm having passing nausea, but based on what I described (and recall) from last time, this is a walk in the park! I haven't thrown up yet (yay!) but am having some gag-reflex trouble when brushing my teeth. I'm pretty hungry, but it's like an on/off switch. Either I'm hungry or I'm not and that can suddenly change.
What isn't going well compared to last time is my tired level (I seem to be dead-dog-going-to-fall-over-now tired earlier than I was last time) and my moody hormonal self. These two probably go hand in hand but I spend a lot of energy trying not to snap at anyone and everyone. Even my phone cherping about text messages/facebook etc makes me mad regardless of who it is or what it is. I'm a mess.
Weight Gain:
I'm down 1.8 pounds this week
Up an even 1.8 over all.
I'm guessing boy because my nausea symptoms are so much less.

Maternity Clothes:
No, but I did have to go 2 notches out on my belt and my jeans are super tight!

not yet

It would be better if I didn't have the sweetest girl wanting to nurse during the night. We're going to get serious about sleep training around here very soon. I'm dreading it but it's gotta happen!

Craving sweet tea, dislike the smell of scrambled eggs. Johns body wash is kinda icky smelling too. I'm probably going to make him switch to non-scented again soon.

 I miss:
Not much! I'm off cokes!!!! (I did have one today because it was that or two Tylenol for a headache and I decided the coke was the lesser of the two evils. My midwife is okay with me using them medicinally like that.)

Best moment this week:
Goals for the upcoming week:
I'm trying to decide if I should call and reschedule my Midwife appointment. When I called to schedule it I spoke to ??... not the normal scheduling person. She asked the first day of my last period but I didn't have it handy, I told her that because I'm nursing my periods weren't regular at all anyways and that we knew almost certainly what date we conceived so I gave her that date. She said I could see Kathy at 8 weeks pregnant and we could have a sonogram that same day. I was so excited and flustered that I didn't even think about the fact that December 15 seemed like way further off than being 8 weeks pregnant. December 15 is more like 10 weeks pregnant. Then I realized that she literally counted 8 weeks from conception to schedule the appointment. Never mind that you calculate from the first date of your last period. I realize that she didn't have that info, but I'm still frustrated. It's a midwife/OB office, fertility usually comes 2 weeks after your period, she could have just assumed my period was 2 weeks before that and recognized that she was scheduling me way off. Ugh. End rant. I just want to see my baby! But appointments are hard to come by when you're first getting into their rotations for a new pregnancy, it's a big deal that I could get a midwifery appointment and sono scheduled back to back. Plus my schedule is really crazy in Dec as is Johns with work and the 15th works for both of us so I suppose we'll just wait until 10 weeks and Lord Willing, nothing will go wrong that we need to see Kathy before that point anyway.

Belly Pictures:

Past Pregnancy:
I talked about it throughout the post. Other than my tired/grumpy level I think this one is going much better symptom wise! It's still early, so we'll see what the coming weeks bring.

Pregnancy update with Cora Week 5

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