Friday, January 9, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 (Week 7 & 8)

November 22 - Dec 5

My baby is the size of a:

(Week 7) Nausea has definitely ramped up this week! I've had a couple of bad days where I sit very still and breathe deeply trying really hard not to look pregnant. I still haven't thrown up (counting my blessings!) but at times I wonder if throwing up wouldn't just be a relief to the constant nausea? I've also discovered the wonderful world of Emetrol! I could dedicate this entire post to this amazing drug! I try really hard to be good while I'm pregnant. No caffeine (though I'll choose a coke over pills for a headache I think caffeine will fix, lesser of the evils), better for me foods, no over the counter (or Rx) drugs I can avoid etc. I'm making an exception here for this lovely little bottle of greatness! (The active ingredients are basically a sweet sugary syrup with cherry flavor and red dye). I learned about this med in college when I had an awful tummy bug from my kiddos at the daycare. It works really well for me! I've always bought it as a knock off brand though "Equate Anti Nausea Liquid" I honestly didn't know what the name brand was so last pregnancy and before now I hadn't connected the dots that I was cleared to use this! It has brought me back from the brink of puking so many times. It is amazing! I have been feeling really guilty that when I'm battling extreme nausea, I'm not really giving Cora the attention I'd like to. This mommy guilt has gotten much better since I've found a way to feel better!

I'm also pretty hungry. I feel like I'm eating constantly. I do not remember being this hungry last time, maybe because I'm also nursing? My hormonal raging seems to be under better control this week, I've also made a better effort to nap each day with Cora, so that's sure to be helping that too.
I'm struggling with acne. :( When I was pregnant with Cora my skin was the clearest and my pores were the smallest they've ever been! My face is doing okay, but my poor back hurts so badly!
Weight Gain:
Up 1.5 pounds overall.

I'm still predicting boy! Next week we have our first Midwife appointment and Ultrasound, I am going to ask which side the placenta is on to do a gender prediction based on the Ramzi Method.

Maternity Clothes:
None yet but my pants are feeling awfully snug.

I've had a couple of false alarms (week 8). I know it's just gas, but there have been a couple of times that I pause and think were those flutters? I remember seeing just how *tiny* baby is at this point when we were pregnant with Cora. I really can't imagine that I can feel anything from something so small yet.

(Week 8) Sleep has been a challenge, not because of pregnancy but because of Cora. I'm really struggling with my patience with her and her desire for attention and nursing during the night. She's using me as a glorified passifier and emotionally I just can't handle it. I'm praying (continually) for peace and patience with this. Next week were starting a clean slate and beginning operation "Mommy's Sanity" and Cora is going to start sleeping in her pack and play beside our bed until I can get her weaned to her own room again. I'm really questioning whether or not we're going to co-sleep at all after 6 months with the new baby. Up until 6 months it was a huge help to me because of all the needed middle of night nursing and attention.

I turned my nose up at a perfectly good casserole this week because I didn't like the way it smelled. Chicken has also started bothering me in any form, cooked or uncooked it's smelly either way. Eggs are still pretty nasty to me too.
(week 7) Not as many cravings this week. Really my diet has largely consisted of crackers, Cherry 7up, chicken noodle soup and cream of chicken soup.(Week 8) I'm craving Enchiladas and Pizza. John suggested Pepperoni Enchiladas, that sounds disgusting! But a piece of pizza and a couple of gooey cheese enchiladas sounds fantastic!! I've also been really craving sparkling cider, I just keep forgetting to pick some up when I'm in the big grocery stores and our little local one doesn't carry any. I hardly ate anything at Thanksgiving, honestly everything I ate could have fit on a dessert plate with room to spare. Food is just really revolting.

Best moment this week:
I was a co-host for the Mama Meet and Mingle Instagram hop this week! As soon as I heard I'd been selected as a co-host, I knew what I wanted my question to be; What are your must have items for baby #2? I was nervous about asking it because we haven't announced yet. I decided to go ahead with asking it because it was what I really wanted to know and how often do I get the undivided attention of so many Mama's to ask whatever question my little heart desires? I got some great answers and ideas and no questions from friends and family asking if I'm expecting - so a win in my book!

Belly Pictures:
I've got some pretty impressive pregnancy bloat going on! John reached over to rub my belly the other day and he immediately noticed that my belly button is showing signs that it's ready to pop out after I eat and add to the bloat. It isn't nestled quite so snugly in it's cave anymore. ;) I feel small upside quite a few of the moms in my due date group on Facebook though! Some of these moms that have had multiple pregnancies or this is a subsequent pregnancy quite soon after their last are seriously showing like crazy! It's all bloat and muscles relaxing and pooching out but wow! It makes hiding a first trimester pregnancy hard!

Past Pregnancy:
I didn't document week 7 very well last time but I apparently was dealing with much worse morning sickness.

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