Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 (Week 6)


How far along?:
6 weeks 6 days

My baby is the size of a:

I'm tired. And grumpy/irritable/moody/irrational/hormonal... not all the time but it is an on going issue. Nursing is hurting a bit right now because everything is so sensitive. I have passing nausea but I haven't thrown up yet! Constipation is a new issue that I haven't had before, but it isn't awful - I'm just afraid of hemorrhoids! I'm hungry and having cravings, something I specifically remember not having last time around. Really this has been a much easier pregnancy than last!
Weight Gain:
I'm up about 1.2 pounds this week,
Up 3 pounds over all. Really, on a day to day basis I'm all over the place.
I'm still leaning towards boy, I think John is worried he'll get his hopes up so he's still saying girl. He's eyeing a bunch of baby boy clothes as we shop though! Either way we will really be happy! We've got names picked for both, it would be handy if we could just have fraternal twins! ;)

Maternity Clothes:
None yet, I plan to get them out of their box this week and sort through what I have/need etc.

none yet.

I'm having some insomnia, not awful though. If I get too hot, I'm pretty upset about it in my half awake pregnant state (cue pregnancy hormones). I've had some minor heartburn associated with some of my passing nausea so I've slept partial nights in a recliner here and there over the last week. I have to be careful about my strange sleeping habits etc because we're still at my Dad's house and he's already suspicious of the pregnancy. And by suspicious, I mean that Thanksgiving night he said "the way you're acting you're either really sick or pregnant". I just grunted after having told him I was sleeping in the recliner because I had indigestion. It's the truth, I'd had a few too many jalapeno cheese ball with crackers and fire crackers that day.

Eggs = ick. Really it's the smell bothering me. I've craved Chinese food and Tex Mex this week.

 I miss:
Cokes and being in better control of my temper.

Best moment this week:
Thanksgiving was enjoyable, we enjoyed Christmas shopping and decorating for Christmas. John was off work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday he was home sick on Tuesday so we've had lots of good family time!
Goals for the upcoming week:
getting maternity clothes out, we really *truly* think that we're going to be in our home this week so that's exciting! Part of the complications with moving that we can't talk about since we haven't announced, is I'm much more limited on what I can and can't do out there work wise now. I'll lift things up to about Cora's weight because I'm accustomed to that, but I won't do anything (nor will John allow me to) that has me breathing anything that may be mouldy/toxic, lifting anything heavy, doing much strenuous (that triggers round ligament pain).

Belly Pictures:
Excuse the awful picture... it's the only one I took. Better than nothing :)

Past Pregnancy:
Week 6 bumpdate for Coralie

Josh didn't know that I'm expecting in these pictures, but since he's in Japan now (these were taken at the airport) this will really be the only pictures he will have with my "bump". It's bittersweet seeing him leave, we're excited for his adventures with the Marines, but I know that Cora won't know him (though we'll tell her all about him) when he comes home and he likely will be coming back to meet this new niece/nephew when they're a year and a half old.

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