Monday, January 5, 2015

Baby Lewis #2! (Week 4)

We're expecting Baby #2!

How far along?:
We're due in the middle of July so I will have now been pregnant at some point all 12 months of the year! 

We found out at 4 weeks 3 days (assuming I'm due 7/19). Cora and I had just gotten back from Branson and I had a strong suspicion I was pregnant. Before we left for the trip I was having some headaches that nothing seemed to cure (probably Estrogen induced) and I was inexplicably tired. Not the usual first trimester exhausted, just can't seem to function before noon because I'm still just-so-sleepy kind of tired.
Then on the trip I was having some trouble with motion sickness. I never get motion sickness, I am the kind of person that can sit in the car reading for hours and yet I was queasy every time we were in the car, regardless of where I was sitting. There had also been a couple of episodes of queasiness without being in a car.

My baby is the size of a:
Orange Seed!

I didn't have any morning sickness until about 7 weeks last time and then it hit me like a train. I'm really okay at this point, just having some passing nausea/motion sickness and I'm pretty tired!

I found a Due Date group on facebook and I'm loving getting to chat with these women from all over the world about their pregnancies and symptoms etc. Since we haven't announced yet (but I keep having trouble not letting the news slip...) I love having this secret place to talk about everything. 

We had considered before getting pregnant telling family before we made it out of the first trimester but since week 11 falls so perfectly with Christmas, we figure we'll just wait until then! As of now the only people that know are Mommy, Daddy, Coralie, our Midwife and Doula! We plan to announce here on the blog and other social media on New Years Day as we'll be 12 weeks by then.

Weight Gain:
I honestly feel like my belly has already softened some and there is no denying that I've already put on about 3 pounds. I'm not sure if they're pregnancy related or if it's thanks to the delicious food in Branson, but I'm blaming baby! My jeans that have fit since the spring when my weight loss after having Cora kind of plateaued are feeling awfully snug. I have a feeling maternity or at least larger jeans are in the near future!

I've also broken down and ordered another Bridesmaid Dress for my brothers wedding just after Christmas. I had been working to fit well into the other dress, it fit... just not comfortably. Yeah, no way would that work now - I'll be about 11 weeks by their wedding (about the time we're planning to announce to family too) I'm sure I'll be showing by then!
I'm leaning towards boy, John is guessing girl!

Maternity Clothes:
Not yet, but I think it's kind of ironic that I'm wearing a few of my shirts that I got early on in the pregnancy before I could really wear maternity clothes but needed larger/longer clothes. They make great nursing shirts!

 None yet. :)

I'm sleeping well, that is when Cora isn't crying. :( We're going to have to explore our sleep training options with this kid because no way can I handle two babies not sleeping. Suggestions? I'm going to break out my Baby Wise book again and re-read it and try some of those techniques. I'm not a huge fan of CIO (cry-it-out) so we're going to have to mix-and-match some ideas.

Not much yet, I'm either hungry or absolutely not interested in food. Eggs are smelling a little funny to me when scrambled but boiled is still okay!

 I miss:
Dr. Pepper! I'm weaning myself off of them, I'm down to half a can per day. This is huge progress! Hopefully after the weekend I'll be off of them completly.

Best moment this week:
Positive Pregnancy Tests (!!!!)
I love how excited our Doula Susan was when she found out we are expecting! She's one of the sweetest ladies!

Goals for the upcoming week:
- Track down my Baby Wise books and re-read. I haven't applied many of these principles with Cora but I think it's going to be very important to use them with baby #2 and maybe back track and use more of them with Cora too. 
- Get my Birthing From Within book back from a lady I loaned it to - time to start reading up on birth again. I never finished this book last time, but fully intend to this time! I've heard it's great for preparing for a natural birth (it's on the required reading list for Birth Boot Camp).

Past Pregnancy:
In a lot of ways I think I may be more excited about this pregnancy than our first. I know that each pregnancy is different, but with Coralie I was just afraid, there was so much unknown so this time I'm less anxious about things. Like the occasional round ligament pain/cramping I've felt off and on. They're not near as severe as they were with Cora but noticeably there. 

Bump Date 4 weeks for Coralie

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