Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Summer Lovin'

All this warm weather we've been having has me thinking about summer! We've made it a point to be outside every day this week just to soak up some sun and warmth.

This summer I'm hoping to mark off a couple of our Texas Bucket List items. 
I don't think we'll make it out of the state as I will either be huge a huge preggo person or have just had a baby and will now have 2 children going everywhere with us.

The thing that will be lacking in our summer fun list is pretty much anything with water. My midwife insists that I don't swim in anything that isn't chlorinated. She doesn't particularly care that I actually now own a maternity swimsuit and would like to actually use it. ;)

This spring the first thing I'd like to do is go back to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We went for our Babymoon Staycation while pregnant with Cora. There is a lot of walking involved and I waited too late in the pregnancy to manage that much walking. This time I'd like to plan ahead and go earlier in the pregnancy and earlier in the year. They have a beautiful Rose Garden area, well I assume it's beautiful because you could tell it could be beautiful but in August in Texas heat it was pretty much dead when we were there.

I'd also like to do some camping, maybe if we go before it's terribly warm I'll A) not be miserable and B) not miss swimming as much. Oh and by camping I mean either in a camper or cabin because I really can't imagine sleeping in a tent pregnant.

Right now I'm considering either Inks Lake State Park or Lake Meridian State Park.

Both seem to have pretty nice hiking options and pretty scenic views!

Inks Lake State Park, Burnet, Texas
 What are your plans for this summer?

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  1. I’ve never been to the Botanical Gardens! I’ve passed it many times, but have never gone in. I’ve seen beautiful pictures, though! Inks Lake and Lake Meridian are both on our list!!!! Thank you for linking up with us!!

  2. Fun! Definitely adding these to my list :) Thanks for sharing!


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