Friday, March 29, 2013

Count Down to Baby! {2}

Date: 2/17/13

Due Date: We're still estimating around 10/14/13

How far along?: 
We'll still be estimating until we see the doctor on Wednesday, but according to the I just finished my 5th week.

Weight Gain:

My baby is the size of a:

Maternity Clothes:
No, but I'm going to have to invest in a belly band soon. I'm loosing weight in pounds but all my fat is redistributing to my waist line and my pants aren't comfortable anymore.
Oh the lovely pregnancy bloat!

Stretch Marks:

Belly Button In or Out:

Wedding Ring on or off:
On. :)


I've got them all apparently: Muscle and joint pain/fatigue, exhausted, I have to pee all the time, painful boobs, some mood swings (but not awful thank goodness!) and some indigestion.
On the bright side? I have the best complexion I've ever had! Amen for the Pregnancy glow!!

none. This is what has surprised me the most so far!


Eh. I'm exhausted during the day but then can't get comfortable enough to sleep at night.

I am loving:
Having this secret between just the two (well 3...) of us!

I miss:
Dr. Pepper!

I am looking forward to:
My first appointment with the midwife on Wednesday next week!
Telling our immediate family!

I'm freaking out about:
Being evasive about the pregnancy. I was asked point blank "you're not pregnant are you?" by a co-worker on Monday.

I'm also freaking out about telling some of the family. After the Doctors visit, we've decided to tell our parents, his grandparents and my brothers at the beginning of 9 weeks (3 weeks away). I'm worried about the reaction from his grandparents at first - they gave us a second honeymoon to Hawaii as a wedding gift. It's been booked for a couple of months now - and of course it's planned for the week before we're due.

Best moment this week:
Realizing that I can feel my uterus when I press down on my stomach!
I know, I know - I'm probably feeling the stretching muscles around it, but it is something clear and distinct that was not there before!

Or - looking at baby things with John while we shopped for our friend Tiffany's baby shower!

Worst moment this week:
Oh gosh, I'm not sure if I'm ready to share that one yet...

Great! I don't feel too terribly moody - not at all like I am when I'm PMS-ing. (John is singing his praises I'm sure)

Another week completed!


It's a...:

Still walking some.


Goals for the upcoming week:
Figuring out how we're going to tell John's grandparents.
Getting our 8 week appointment scheduled.

not worried about that yet.

Bump watch:


  1. I am always interested about hearing about people using midwives. Did you for your first one?


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