Friday, March 8, 2013

The time I woke up to hair...

I might as well come on out and say it, this is a long post - kind of creepy but funny & ironic too.

I am a sucker for the puppy dog face... literally.  Our dog, Pepper was a stray and during the time we've lived in the country we've temporarily (until we've found them homes) taken in more than our fair share of strays. 

A while back, we had two strays staying with us Bella & Sasha.
They were pretty good dogs, but not very trusting. They were definitely not indoor dogs - they hated it inside, which was fine by me... until we had an awful storm come in. There isn't exactly a lot of protection from the elements outside so we coaxed the dogs indoors and pinned them into the dining room/sitting room area where we have cement floors.   How much of a mess could they make on cement floors? Right?

In the middle of the night Sasha starting making rustling noises that woke me up, I open our bedroom door to see what she has gotten into, expecting trash - but no. Surprise! I found hair everywhere! Not dog hair, not cat hair (both a possibility in our house...) but lots and lots of human hair. Long locks of blond and brunette hair of varying shades. 

I freak out, as I am sure you would too!
I inspected it - thinking it couldn't really be hair, but it was - some of it was loose and wavy, the way your hair looks as locks are cut off. While other bits were wadded and compact like they had been inside something.
The storm had passed so I promptly put the dogs back outdoors and tried to get back to sleep, hoping to leave the dilemma of where the hair came from to the morning. 

Of course I couldn't get back to sleep - I laid there with my mind racing thinking of all the places this hair could have come from. All the while in the back of my mind I couldn't rid myself of the annoying chant of "demons, demons, demons" (kind of like when your mind decides to think about ghosts or other things that go bump in the night when you're walking through a creepy, unlit area...).

I woke John to get his take on all of this - but he just looked at me like I was a lunatic "there's hair in there??" and went back to sleep.

Around 4 am it suddenly hits me - the couch!! The previous weekend we had moved a very old couch and chair set into our sitting room area and unfortunately, in the moving process the couch was ripped on one end. When I say very old - I didn't think it would be stretch of the imagination for the couch to be stuffed with hair. And if you've sat on this couch you would probably agree - it could use some work in the comfort department. 

I hopped out of bed, overjoyed to find logical, real answer to the problem (pssh, Demons) - I went in there and poked around in the couch only to find that it wasn't stuffed with hair. Horrible, primitive stuffing (aka wadded up fabric scraps) but not hair.

Discouraged as ever, I returned to bed for a restless night filled with dreams of Satanic dogs and Voodoo dolls (I joke not - I had nightmares like a kid after watching a scary movie I wasn't supposed to watch).

The next day I had John clean up the hair because I was still far too creeped out to touch the broom that touched the hair, much less touch the hair itself.

About a week later, I had chalked the whole incident up to a mystery we would never solve.
I had exhausted every avenue of looking for the source.
Did I have old dolls around that the dogs found & tore up? no.
Was I sure it wasn't the couch?? After I ripped it open more and closely inspected inside, I was assured it was not from the couch.

Then the next weekend we were cleaning house and I moved one of the antique chairs to sweep. Underneath I found more hair (eww...) and this weird scrap of fabric. After picking up the fabric (paying special care not to touch the demon hair), I realized it was the remnants of a Pin Cushion!

Apparently in this antique couch and chair that we had taken from storage (previously belonging to my grandparents), a pin cushion had fallen out of the chair. My Granny believed that using hair in her pin cushions would keep the pins and needles from rusting.  I even remember her using some of my hair to stuff a cushion after a haircut at her house. 

Mystery Solved!! Sasha had ripped up a pin cushion!
I don't think I've ever been so happy to find that a dog had destroyed something!


Do you have any creepy unsolved mysteries in your life?


  1. This is hilarious!I am glad you figured it out.

  2. I refuse to read this post because I have heard it in person one too many times and I choose not to relive it again! Love you anyway!


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