Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Early Valentines Surprise!

Yesterday I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed that the private Ultrasound office that did the gender scan for Cora is running a special for Valentines Day. I texted a screenshot of the ad to John and turns out he was just as impatient to see our baby as I was! 

He not only said that as my Valentines gift we could go and find out the gender of this baby but that he'd also schedule the appointment for as soon as possible!! I was so surprised this was his gift to me because we pretty much don't celebrate Valentines Day! About the only thing we ever do is enjoy cooking a favorite meal together or share a small box of chocolates. So yay for an excuse to splurge on a Sonogram!!

To make the gift even better, when he called to schedule it they had an opening the same afternoon and he could get out of the office in time to make it!

I'm not normally one to be giddy with excitement, but I was literally bouncing up and down while I got Cora and myself ready to head out the door to meet Daddy for the appointment! 

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Cora loaded up & ready to find out if she's getting a brother or a sister!
She has started hamming it up and smiling for the camera when she notices it is out.
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Cora and Daddy playing with blocks waiting for our appointment! 
This baby was much more cooperative for a gender check than Cora was! Cora had her legs crossed and the umbilical cord stacked in her lap. She also kept covering her face with her hands.
This baby wasn't shy about showing us the goods! 

It's a girl!
She was however a little camera shy and didn't much want to show her face.
 We're 16 weeks 2 days for these pictures so baby girl doesn't have any fat yet.
We knew that we wanted to announce the gender right away and we weren't up to having another big party like we did for Cora so after a quick stop at the party store, we had what we needed for a quick and easy gender annoucement!

I am so excited that Cora is going to have a sister! Especially one so close in age! I really believe that siblings are a gift to our children, that they will have close family that will last far longer than John and I will be here with them. My brothers are dear friends and mean so much to me! I'm so grateful to my parents for the gift they gave us in each other! 

I'm also really excited that these girls will have each other as sisters. I've got great girlfriends who are like sisters but I've never had the opportunity to have a true sister and I know it'll be a lot of fun seeing them grow up together!


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  1. Yay!!!! I always wanted a sister too, I know they will have a ton of fun! Bonus on getting to use all of her old clothes too. I keep all of my favorites for Becca just hoping that we'll get two little girls. :)


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